"F*** Trump" chant during live Fox News broadcast from bar after USA's Women's World Cup final win
(Image: Twitter/Sara Pearl)

VIDEO: Fans chant “F*** Trump” as Fox News report live from bar in France after USA win Women’s World Cup

Drinkers in Lyon disturb broadcast.

here's better quality pic.twitter.com/pecoFWGjMg

— Sara Pearl (@skenigsberg) July 7, 2019

A Fox News broadcast was interrupted by chants of “F*** Trump” after United States beat Holland in the Women’s World Cup final on Sunday evening.

USA Women won the World Cup after goals from Megan Rapinoe and Rose Lavelle in the second-half against Netherlands at Parc Olympique Lyonnais.

“Right now I'm very embarrassed to be an American."

The #USA fan leading the "F*ck Trump" chants on @FoxNews says the #USWNT is one of the few things about the country he can be proud of right now.pic.twitter.com/u0ebIiRvN9

— FootballJOE (@FootballJOE) July 7, 2019

Reporting live from a bar near the stadium in Lyon, Greg Palkot’s spiel to camera was disturbed by political views opposed to that of the conservative American TV channel.

One United States fan started the rude “F*** Trump” in the middle of it, who the intrepid Palkot then proceeded to interview.

I can’t believe this Fox News reporter managed to accidentally interview the guy who started the “Fuck Trump” chant: https://t.co/Whpqprnr54 pic.twitter.com/L6iHZSUncS

— dhm (@dhm) July 7, 2019

The supporter insisted to Fox News that their next mission was to “win [the presidential election] in 2020” and “get that racist out of the White House!”

All this while the lady next to him simply repeated “Democrats”.