Dog goes to pee on camera which man is using to film himself doing kick-ups with a toilet roll
(Image: Twitter/@jb_abdo_)

VIDEO: Man abruptly stops doing kick-ups with toilet roll when dog motions to wee on his camera

Alert to danger.


This man had to hastily stop doing keepie uppies with a toilet roll when he saw his dog preparing to pee on the camera he was using to film himself.

Performing kick-ups with loo rolls has become something of a social media trend while professional football has been on hold for the coronavirus pandemic.

Ptdrrrrr il était comme ça quand il a compris l’intention de son chien à la fin pic.twitter.com/60IyZ5BNov

— Fred Anthony (@Fred_Ant) March 20, 2020

Recording his own submission in his back garden, the man was not particularly successful with the skills display, the toilet paper bouncing around haphazardly.

However, he was impressively alert to the danger when his pet pooch approached the camera and cocked a leg in tell-tale fashion.