Leicester's Ben Chilwell tricks his mum into heading an egg
(Image: Twitter/Ben Chilwell)

VIDEO: Leicester City’s Ben Chilwell cons his mum into heading an egg

Mean twist to ping pong ball challenge.



Leicester City defender Ben Chilwell tricked his mum into heading an egg while teeing her up with ping pong balls to head into the bin.

The Foxes and England left-back introduced a mean twist to the domestic challenge, one which left his mother with egg on her face.

Did anyone else cringe at the fact that he did that on the carpet!?

— Liam Fathers (@LiamFathers) March 20, 2020

He was sure to capture it on camera and share it with his social media follows, who may decide their eggs are better conserved for eating at this time.

Football is currently on hold amidst the worldwide coronavirus outbreak, with the Premier League suspended until April 30th at the earliest.