Storm Gareth wind blows the ball away before a corner kick at Fylde
(Image: The Non-League Paper)

VIDEO: Wind keeps blowing the ball away before corner kick at Fylde

It's almost a minute before the set piece can be taken.



High winds at Fylde affected their 4-2 win over Hartlepool in the National League and, at one stage, almost prevented a corner kick from being taken.

Storm Gareth was swirling with gale force around Mill Farm Sports Village in Lancashire on Tuesday night.

It wasn’t all bad pic.twitter.com/asmFoyYJAP

— AFC Fylde (@AFCFylde) March 14, 2019

The home side’s Nick Haughton was forced to retrieve the ball several times after it when it was repeatedly blown away after being placed near the corner flag.

In the end, the Fylde player had to dig a divot which could hold it in position before the kick could be taken.


Hartlepool manager Craig Hignett blamed the weather for their defeat:

I don’t think I have ever seen a wind like that.

I have not seen a goal like the third either – Feaths has blocked a cross and the ball has looped back on itself and landed on top of Danny Rowe’s head.

Rowe got his hand in the way of Fraser Kerr’s own goal and the last one was offside, it was clear to see. But we were chasing the game at that point.

I really feel for the lads.