A man asked to take a photo of two Leyton Orient fans, took a bad photo of just their legs
(Image: YouTube/Dream Team)

VIDEO: Man asked to take photo of Leyton Orient fans only gets their legs in the shot

Disaster snap on YouTube mini-series "telling real football stories".

A Leyton Orient fan regales the presenter of a YouTube mini-series “telling real football stories” with a tale about a photo he had just asked a man to take of him and the bloke he was with.

As the programme soaks up the atmosphere near the ground in episode two of Dream Team’s Love Of The Game: Leyton Orient, the red-bearded supporter shows the camera the disastrous resulting snap that cuts out the top half of their bodies.

Apparently he was asked if he wanted to check if the picture was okay but denied the opportunity.

The brief exchange is followed by a sweet story of an 84-year-old super fan of the club.