Jordan Pickford called Marcus Rashford a "dickhead" while playing for England against Spain
(Image: Кирилл Венедиктов)

VIDEO: Jordan Pickford calls Marcus Rashford “dickhead” during England win in Spain

Shouts foul-mouthed encouragement.


Big fan of Pickford calling Rashford a dickhead. #ESPENG pic.twitter.com/0ngYRv0HFT

— Ben Fullylove (@BenFullylove) October 15, 2018

Jordan Pickford shouted “go on, you dickhead” at Marcus Rashford during England’s 3-2 win against Spain in Seville on Monday night.

Man Utd forward Rashford was jostling for possession with an opponent when the Everton goalkeeper offered some foul-mouthed encouragement.

Yelling loud enough for the cameras to just about pick it up during the UEFA Nations League clash, Pickford said:

“Get there, Marcus! Go on, you dickhead!”

Rashford was among the scorers as the Three Lions recorded their first victory in Spain for 31 years.