Jimmy Bullard commentated on England's goal against Spain scored by Raheem Sterling
(Image: Vimeo/Sami Abusamra)

VIDEO: Jimmy Bullard commentates as he watches first England goal against Spain on TV

Soccer AM co-host loves what he's seeing in stunning Nations League win.


Best #England goal scored ever?

cc: @jimmybullard pic.twitter.com/O9nA3QVJVr

— Fresh Ego Kid (@FRESHEGOKIDLTD) October 16, 2018

Spain were subject to a masterful first-half display from England on Monday night and the visitors’ first goal was the result of string of successive passes admired by player turned TV presenter Jimmy Bullard.

Sky TV’s Soccer AM co-host posted his commentary of Raheem Sterling’s 16th-minute opener in the Nations League group game in Seville on Instagram.

Watching a replay of the build-up on his television at home, Bullard was enthusiastic about the style of play from Gareth Southgate’s side.

England went on to beat Spain 3-2.