The best jokes as Croatia 0-0 England is played out behind closed doors

Empty stadium for dull Nations League clash.

There were jokes from Croatia 0-0 England as the Nations League match was played behind closed doors in an empty Stadion Rujevica.

England drew 0-0 with Croatia in a behind-closed-doors Nations League clash in Rijeka on Friday night.

Fans were prevented from attending the League A Group 4 match at the relatively new 8,279-seater Stadion Rujevica as part of a punishment for the hosts after a swastika was marked on the pitch before a Euro 2016 qualifier.

But a small group of travelling supporters managed to find a vantage point on a hill overlooking the ground.

These were the best of the jokes from Croatia 0-0 England as the Nations League game is played out behind closed doors:

Quality Prediction Adam #CROENG pic.twitter.com/sPK0Y0egZD

— Jake Gibbins (@Jake_G98) October 12, 2018



So weird… no crowd! Sounds like a PE lesson #CROENG

— Dan Walker (@mrdanwalker) October 12, 2018


— Jim Lucas (@JFBLucas) October 12, 2018

Hope the pitch microphones pick up "SLAB HEEEEEAAAAAAAD'S!!!!" at some point during #CROENG tonight. pic.twitter.com/Iq7BlytFZW

— Dream Team (@dreamteamfc) October 12, 2018

International football is dead. Just look at all those empty seats 🤦🏼‍♂️#CROENG pic.twitter.com/DYH82AhkcA

— Football Mumble (@football_mumble) October 12, 2018

Busy night ahead for this guy…

📲📻 https://t.co/1xklC5gcoW#CROENG pic.twitter.com/3TJZ1KfDph

— BBC 5 Live Sport (@5liveSport) October 12, 2018

Excellent start for England. Silenced the crowd. 👀 #CROENG pic.twitter.com/2gOUc4jazc

— Danny Kelly (@dannykellywords) October 12, 2018


"Just a quiet one tonight"#CROENG pic.twitter.com/4b2Fi24sKL

— Match of the Day (@BBCMOTD) October 12, 2018

Got to hit a 7.5 rating in this 11v11 to get into the starting team #CROENG pic.twitter.com/xFMNkOuelZ

— Sam Wilson (@MrSamWilson) October 12, 2018


That’s better. #CROENG pic.twitter.com/4PVpI7kSEd

— Wouldn’t (@ubermatt1988) October 12, 2018


The executive boxes are loving it…

📲📻 https://t.co/tCKfKRo5iC#CROENG pic.twitter.com/JBTGEryE7T

— BBC 5 Live Sport (@5liveSport) October 12, 2018

Chants of "Eng-er-land, Eng-er-land, Eng-er-land" heard from outside the ground. One #eng fan tried to get in as a steward. #CROENG

— Henry Winter (@henrywinter) October 12, 2018

Excellent trolling of Sterling by Papa Johns here #CROENG pic.twitter.com/GJbFoFW41h

— Mark Jefford (@mjefford) October 12, 2018

The FA have missed a trick here, should have snuck The Wealdstone Raider in.

'You got no fans' #CROENG #bbcfootball

— Andrew Minzey (@yehminz) October 12, 2018

Here's a misleading shot about the pace of this game.#CROENG pic.twitter.com/Jp8yzBeehU

— Match of the Day (@BBCMOTD) October 12, 2018

Those same 16 people who always favourite your tweets #England #CROENG pic.twitter.com/1os44CwxRW

— Ian T (@Officially_IT) October 12, 2018

100 likes and I’ll invade the pitch #CROENG pic.twitter.com/OxY2D8NVjD

— Henry⚔️ (@henryw__) October 12, 2018

If someone scores and they celebrate by jumping over the advertisement hoarding and into the stands, do they still get booked for celebrating with the fans? #CROENG

— Aaron Flanagan (@aaronflan) October 12, 2018

Rashford performing in front of an empty crowd? Must be a weird & awkward experience for him!

I’m sure Stones,Sterling & Walker feel right at home tho..#CROENG

— Isiah Madrigal (@Realisiah1) October 12, 2018

Knew I'd seen this crowd before? #CroEng #NationsLeague pic.twitter.com/j2ww3W71yu

— Danny Drinklager (@rob_is_my_name) October 12, 2018

If England fans start misbehaving there's a threat that they'll get thrown into the stadium to watch this. #CROENG pic.twitter.com/4QdlSyb95O

— BoyleSports (@BoyleSports) October 12, 2018


Some of the lesser-known characters from Wacky Races. #CROENG pic.twitter.com/qxsh0y2B1J

— Chris Miller (@MrCCMiller) October 12, 2018

If ever a match was summed up by a picture. #CROENG pic.twitter.com/ETZhpqIE8j

— Daniel Keat (@dankeat) October 12, 2018

Three of the 30-35 #ENG fans who watched #CROENG game from woods & adjacent scrubland outside stadium in Rijeka. One fan (not here) slipped on rocks climbing to the vantage point, cut leg and helped to hospital by stewards. pic.twitter.com/8RE5TaT1dk

— Henry Winter (@henrywinter) October 13, 2018