Jack Whitehall kicks ball into fan on Soccer AM
(Image: Twitter/Den Nash)

VIDEO: Comedian Jack Whitehall kicks ball into fan’s head on Soccer AM

Frustrated strike by television presenter after end of game.



Special guest Jack Whitehall managed to kick a ball into a fan’s head on Saturday’s episode of Soccer AM on Sky Sports.

The weekend light football entertainment programme featured a competition between sets of Wolves and Stoke fans.

Story of the day @BBCWalesNews@michaelsheen is way better at football than @jackwhitehall pic.twitter.com/AdDdpaVxsO

— Steve Mellen (@stevemellen) May 11, 2019

With one group celebrating after a missed volley by the television presenter, Whitehall kicks the ball away in disgust while being held onto by co-host Jimmy Bullard.

Unfortunately the ball ends up bouncing off a Stoke City supporter’s head as he ran to join his fellow fans.

Jack Whitehall had fun last night… pic.twitter.com/AwkxvqOPli

— Juice Camembert (@duckduckbruce_) May 11, 2019

It’s the second episode in a row where someone has been hit in the head by a ball in this portion of the Saturday show.