Cameraman hides from the Sky Sports coverage at Ewood Park before Blackburn vs Middlesbrough
(Image: Twitter/Nathan White)

VIDEO: Cameraman hides from television coverage at Ewood Park

Stands behind a couple of people at entrance to the tunnel.


A man holding a camera could be seen avoiding the television coverage at Ewood Park before Blackburn’s 0-1 defeat to Middlesbrough on Sunday.

Ahead of kick-off at the Championship ground, manager Tony Mowbray was focussed upon as he strolled towards the dugout, shaking hands with an official on the way.

The Commentators phone going off during the Blackburn v Middlesbrough game was very distracting pic.twitter.com/dVC7UuJYDN

— WeAreHFR (@WeAreHFR) February 17, 2019

Passing the entrance to the tunnel, a member of the cameraman’s team could be seen emerging from the stadium’s walkway.

Spotted wearing an official lanyard, the Sky Sports staffer sees the situation and quickly takes up a place behind a couple of other people leaning against the wall.