VIDEO: Battle of the kids – Archie Wilshere is kick-up king, plus watch Damian van der Vaart’s drag-backs

Archie Wilshere, son of Jack Wilshere, plays witha football
Archie... Better than Damian? (Image: whizz37/YouTube)

Baby Archie Wilshere has been showing off his skills on camera.

After a video of Rafael van der Vaart’s son Damian surfaced (see below), Arsenal star Jack Wilshere appears to have promptly handed his kid a ball and whipped out the camera.

YouTube comments such as “Future gunner!” and “Unbelievable tekkers!!!” bode well for the youngster who’s hoping his hard work will pay off.

Watch the bashful baby display his prowess below:

Feel free to compare and contrast with this video of a slightly older Damian van der Vaart dashing around with a football: