Nottingham Forest's Joe Lolley plays catch with his nearly blind dog
(Image: Twitter/Joe Lolley)

VIDEO: Ball thrown by Nottingham Forest’s Joe Lolley is misjudged by his dog

Poor pooch takes ball on the bonce.



Nottingham Forest winger Joe Lolley filmed himself playing catch with his nearly-blind dog in his garden, with the poor pet taking the ball on the head.

Lolley’s partially sighted pooch remains undeterred by the initial mishap, shooting off to chase the object that’s just bounced off his bonce.


The 27-year-old has been looking for ways to keep himself entertained at home during football’s break amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

He recently attempted to throw a saucepan over his house having been challenged by former team-mate Ben Osborn, now of Sheffield United.