Nottingham Forest winger Joe Lolley tries throwing a saucepan over his house after receiving a challenging from Ben Osborn
(Image: Twitter/Joe Lolley)

VIDEO: Nottingham Forest’s Joe Lolley tries to throw a saucepan over his house

Challenge inspired by Finchy from The Office.



Nottingham Forest’s Joe Lolley tried to throw a saucepan over his house after former team-mate Ben Osborn nominated him for a #StayAtHome challenge.

With football on hold amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, players have been looking for ways to entertain themselves at home.


In this clip, Forest winger Lolley accepts the challenge from Osborn, now of Sheffield United, and follows through with the ambitious attempt.

The activity was inspired by a scene from classic UK comedy The Office in which the character Finchy throws a shoe over a pub.