A Liverpool fan in Norway wearing a misspelt Gerrard shirt
(Image: Instagram/lord_lukan)

PHOTO: Liverpool fan wearing misspelt Gerrard shirt in Norway

Could have used a proofreader.

Fan wearing a Liverpool shirt with 'Gerrard' misspelt as 'Gerrad'
(Image: Instagram/lord_lukan)

A fan wearing a Liverpool shirt with ‘Gerrard’ misspelt as ‘Gerrad’ above the number 8 on his back has been spotted in Norway.

Sharing a photo of the man in the picturesque coastal town of Kragerø, Instagram user @lord_lukan commented:

Spotted in Kragerø. Liverpool fan in need of a proofreader.

The population of Kragerø is said to quadruple during its summer months due to high tourism.

The Independent newspaper once claimed, “When Norwegians want to get away from it all they head for Kragero”.

Steven Gerrard is currently enjoying a bright start as Rangers manager and will hope to compete with Celtic – managed by his former boss at Anfield, Brendan Rodgers.