Debrecen staff attempt to remove Erik Čikoš's wedding ring as it delays kick-off against MTK Budapest
(Image: Twitter/Tomasz Mortimer)

VIDEO: Player unable to remove wedding ring delays Debrecen vs MTK kick-off

Fixture held up by at least seven minutes.


Here’s the video pic.twitter.com/rF1nsTCgXX

— Tomasz Mortimer (@TomaszMortimer) August 17, 2018

Debrecen v MTK Budapest was delayed by at least seven minutes as the home side’s Erik Čikoš was unable to remove his wedding ring.

After at least seven minutes of fruitless attempts to dislodge the ring, the Slovakian defender was replaced in Debrecen’s starting line-up by Erik Kusnyír.

The match went on to finish 3-3, with Csaba Szatmári equalising in the 95th minute for Debrecen.

The game between Debrecen vs MTK in Hungary has been delayed because one of the players is unable to get his wedding ring off pic.twitter.com/sERNT3ykv1

— Tomasz Mortimer (@TomaszMortimer) August 17, 2018