Theo Walcott… Humble Pie, Anyone?

Arsenal's Robin van Persie and Theo Walcott
Walcott... Point and laugh? No. (Img: Ronnie Macdonald)

Last week, Arsenal forward Theo Walcott was Football Burp’s inaugural Boo-Boy of the Week, so we’d like to take credit for his two-goal ‘salvo’ in the Gunners’ stunning 5-2 win over Tottenham Hotspur at the Emirates on Sunday. Let’s see what Arsenal’s online communities have to say about him now…

Arsenal Mania

Superb finishes for both goals. Very striker like, I must say. Very.

He was sh!t with the ball at his feet on the right, but he comes alive and looks potent when he has no time to think. It’s instinctive, and Theo’s IS instinctive. It’s about time we made fcking use of him.

– The Jury

Theo is deadly against a team who is chasing the game and his combination with RVP shattered Spurs on the break. He did a half and half role today, played on the wing but spent a lot of time in the box today which was a great shout because it looked like a 4-4-2 for large parts of the game. So what are the doubters saying now about him being a striker ….. better than Park or Chamakh I think?

– DiamondGooner

We learned nothing new, we know Theo can occasionally be dangerous in an open game like this and Chelsea away. He was abysmal for large spells today, basically a pub player first half. Two lovely finishes, but these games only happen once every while. Until I see more end product, I wouldn’t even consider any change of system/formation to accomodate him, I think he’s getting more than enough goalscoring chances from a RWF role. So fingers crossed we don’t have to wait another 14 months for a PL home goal.

– fabo

Yeah but that’s what some strikers are like, they don’t do much for large parts of the game but they get you goals. I think what I MarkStar and some others are trying to get at is that on the wing you can’t afford to offer so little as your involved in building up play which is why Theo get’s so much sh*t ….. theo has to be on the end of that play not creating it?

– DiamondGooner

Whoever said that Theo is a barometer of how the team plays was spot on and although the finishes for both goals were quality, they were very ‘on the edge’ goals I thought; his initial touch was poor in both cases, but he managed to recover from it and score. I hope he builds on this, but he’s done this before against Chelsea and then went back to his usual self.

– regele

he has 1 or 2 of these matches every season. makes how he normally plays (i.e. the first half) even more painful. but the game turned to his advantage and he did an absolutely fantastic job- that is exactly how we should use theo, There is no point in him being on the pitch in certain matches, and unless we are goign to totally change the way we play i still wouldnt have him as a starter- but he is a good finisher. i’d argue with those who say this shows he should be a striker though…he wasnt a striker today, he played from the inside right position but he just did it well, and made the right kind of runs from the right. he doesnt have the intelligence to hold himself as a striker, i’ve never seen a footballer who knows less well where to stand! i really reckon he’d be completely ineffective as a starting striker for us. But if we can learn how to build up play away from him and release him down the right liek that more regularly- he’ll get a **** load of goals/assists and then it will be worth accommodating his huge weaknesses. but as i say, huge credit to him for today, really hope he can keep it up.

– arsmile

we all know that hes able to completely change the game, i.e. Barcelona, Liverpool, and even Croatia with England. But these games are too far and few between. He doesnt need to score two goals every game, but he really needs to contribute more to the team overall, hopefully this performance will push him and motivate him to do more. He still needs to prove he deserves to be at Arsenal in my eyes, this good performance is a start, but theres a long way to go

– kav

Arsenal Land

I still have my doubts. For 60 minutes yesterday he was awful, constantly giving the ball away and created nothing. The one good thing he did do was create a bit of space for Sagna but I’m not sure if he was doing that on purpose. However, at 3-2 up he came alive, as Spurs pushed forward in search of an equaliser, we saw where Walcott can be lethal, running in behind the defence and finishing one on one. He’s showed that particular move on numerous occasions and despite a rather lucky second touch, his finish was very cute. He is a massive confidence player though, for 60 minutes his head was down, his confidence dropped and he lacked ideas, then as soon as he scored you could see how his mood changed and looked lively and dangerous for the next 30 minutes. As I’ve said before, people have written him off far too early, we just need a bit of patience with him.

– -Jk-

I like Walcott a lot and feel he that he has been played out of position which has led to his performances not being up to standard. He is no way a winger. We witnessed yesterday how lethal he can be playing on the shoulder of the last defender. He is now the same age as Henry when he switched to the striker position. Henry had the exact same criticisms in his earlier years and look what he produced for us. I have been critical of Walcott playing on the wing and at the same time frustrated that Wenger has not used him as a striker more often.

– Team South East

I feel finishing is one of Theo’s better strengths, he also looks better when he doesn’t have time to think about what he’s doing! He can look like a lost boy on the wing, maybe its time to push him into the centre and let Robin van Persie drop into the hole and pull the strings like the great player he’s become.

– cooky


he was poor in the 1st half and i would have been inclined to take him off at half time.
but he was very good 2nd half and as critical i have been of wenger over the last 5 months he was right to keep him on. spurs could,nt live with him when the game was stretched

– starmandb

Wenger made a very pertinent point after the game about how a Player of Theo’s type was needed in second half who could run in behind the defence. Have no shame in admitting Wenger scored one over everybody by keeping Theo on. Theo has got his unique strengths. He rarely gets caught off side . The timing of his runs is exemplary. Now it is up to the manager to decide how often he should be starting and against which teams he should be starting. One thing i would like to say here is every manager without exception would love to have an option like Theo on the bench. Now if he is willing to fight for his place on merit and not too demanding that he should be starting every game, i would not mind him staying. His finishing is decent and if he works on his strengths, he can turn out to be a very good footballer in his own right for Arsenal/England.

– Arsenal~Fanatic

Everyone knows he’s not most skillfull player in the world, but his pace as proven is enough to tear up any defence in the world. I love how he’s not been very consistent lately, yet everyones straight onto his back and you’re all aware he’s NOT playing in his position. You mention his ball control? Did you not see his first touch from Songs ball for his 2nd goal yesterday? OUTSTANDING, he’s done it many of times before. We can’t sell him, especially to Spurs. Like TRA said, yeah he’s not the greatest, but he’s still a fantastic asset to have, selling him would be plain stupid.

– RVP10

What do you think of Theo Walcott’s long-term prospects at Arsenal, Gunners fans? Have your say in the comments section below…