Roy Hodgson… Humble Pie, Anyone?

Roy Hodgson, West Brom success
Hodgson... Looking for pie (Img: Mikhail Slain)

Hard to believe that West Bromwich Albion boss Roy Hodgson was Football Burp’s Embattled Manager of the Week.

Just a few short weeks ago since then, his Baggies side have triumphed 5-1 at local rivals Wolverhampton Wanderers, and then 4-0 against Martin O’Neill’s in-form Sunderland side, all but securing a third consecutive season of top flight football at the Hawthorns and getting the fans resoundingly back onside

Compare and contrast the quotes in the afore-linked feature with the following…


Just bumping this because yesterday was Roys 38th PL game in charge of us, and his record is now; P:38 W:13 D:11 L:14. If that was an actual full season it would get us 50 points. I hope we’re not going to be a million miles away from that points total at the end of this campaign. A VERY respectable record. Lets hope it continues.

– Cunningham56

I still think he was under pressure following the change in tactics and slow start however now the team is gelling its looking encouraging. I think it just shows how good a manager he is. We are lucky to have him and just hope England doesnt come calling and he signs a new deal.

– Dudleylad

Thats why people should be careful what they wish for. Wolves, prime example. Mick out every week, they finally get rid and noone wants the job. Want Roy to stay so much, we wont go down with him as head coach

– BaggieJamess114

I’ve been critical of him this season and rightly so because I do feel our record could have been even better had we not reverted to some outdated negative football earlier on in the season which has contributed to our dire home form. We made too many changes to our system in my opinion and this contributed to numerous players not matching the standards which they set themselves last year. In past weeks we’ve seen a change in system and we’ve seen us reap the rewards with some very good fluent football and most importantly goals. I think the past two weeks have showed 442 doesn’t suit our team of footballers and the extra man in the middle allows us to perform and control football matches. The record he has though is truly amazing. The fact we’ve beaten Villa twice, Wolves 5-1 and Stoke away in my opinion makes it all the more attractive.

– LiamTheBaggie

One interesting point. We have not conceded more than 3 in a game in his time so we have never capitulated (I shouldn’t say this with Chelsea & Man Utd coming up!) Up until the last 2 games we hadn’t got more than 3 either then suddenly a 5 and 4 come along. Would I be right in saying we had never won a PL match by 4 goals before these 2 matches?

– Baggy nerd


Imagine if we had maintained a reasonable home form this season… we’d have been riding higher in the Prem and demanding that JP keep Roy at B71… As things stand i dont think he’ll be short of offers at the end of the season, England or otherwise…

– baggieboygeoff

We should still demanding that Geoff, sing his name loud and clear.

– BaggiefromStafford

I will hold my hand up & say i was one of them [the people calling for Hodgson’s head]. Dont forget we have won 3 home games so far, this is after its took our experienced manager 2/3rds of the season to work out his best home formation. He also took over the job playing the very same formation as were playing now! Dont get me wrong however, the away form has been brilliant. All i wanted was our underachieving side to start performing to the strenghts we have. Alot has been made of the lack of money spent, however i would suggest that we easily have the 10th best squad in the league & that is were we should be aiming. Up until a few weeks ago this wasnt going to happen, however with the change of tactics our fortunes have rapidly improved. Im right behind Roy now, its not being two faced, its simply wanting what we have now got. Boing Boing.

– brockmoorbaggie

New 606’s West Brom forum

He did wonders with us when he took over and has given us some good times like finishing 11th and beating Wolves 5-1 but my faith in him has dwindled at times this season. I have never wanted him sacked but it has been up and down for me. This is mainly down to some of his decisions. For example, deciding to change last seasons winning formula.


I read today that Hodgson has now had 38 games in charge (a full season). Our record would have seen us finish 8th three times and 9th once in the last four years. I think he’s doing a cracking job overall.

– Impale

Definitely stay. There was a period when he was trying a formula which didnt end up working, but who can blame him; I would have been mad at him if he didn’t try making an Odemwingie/Long partnership work. He has the right formula now and is a flexible coach no matter what people say. Massive is right, by far the best manager we have had in many a Baggies fan’s lifetime, who will bring us more success than anyone like Appleton or McInnes would, which is what I’ve seen has been suggested by other fan.

– IHaveAManCrushOnMulumbu

He has to stay. We finished 11th last season and with the last two wins which we have hammered the opposition, granted one being a poor Wolves team BUT a local derby…….it would appear he has reverted back to last seasons winning formula so i say he must STAY. Having said that he has been strangely stubborn up until the last few weeks but who else is out there? i hope he is given a new contract offer soon but more importantly that he signs it

– worldclassalbion

He has got to stay….there is no better manager/coach out there to do the job we need and to work in the set up that we have with the budget we have and the chairman we have. I cant think of anyone who would be attracted to the Albion and be a better fit than Hodgson. I dont think Hodgson will get the job and if he did he wouldnt be the nations choice and the pressure would soon be on him. I could be wrong but I just dont think he’ll get it.

– willian7423

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