Oldham FA Cup exploits send Boundary Park faithful into raptures

Boundary Park
Boundary Park… Is there a limit to the magic?

Before this season, the words ‘Oldham FA Cup’ elicited memories of Joe Royle, the early ’90s and a spectacular Mark Hughes volley at Wembley – but Saturday’s last-gasp Matt Smith equaliser against Everton at Boundary Park extended Athletic’s remarkable run in this season’s competition, which has seen them knock out Nottingham Forest and Liverpool.

Football Burp visited Latics message board OWTB.co.uk to find folk in thrall to the romance, and just a wee bit puzzled as to why the side cannot seem to replicate its cup form in League One. First, though, let’s relive the goal that secured cash-strapped Oldham a lucrative replay at Goodison Park, a ground on which they won in the 2008 FA Cup…

Oldham FA Cup run continues against Everton


I’m rough as this morning, awful head…….but what a day yesterday was!!

Watched the game as soon as I got in; but i was really pissed so it didnt really go in. Watched it back again just now; and TBH when that equaliser goes in; I got pretty emotional.

My shin is killing me after twatting it on the seats in front of me, but again – worth it!

Might re-watch it again this afternoon…….still absolutely buzzing


I’ve barely got over the Liverpool game and now this, I’m a wreck! For me, the final result wasn’t quite the emotional high that Liverpool was but I’ve NEVER celebrated a goal like Smith’s equaliser. Bonkers stuff yesterday, I was jumping up and down hugging strangers and screaming my head off.


Absolutely awesome. We need to focus on the league now. I burst out with tears of joy when we got the equaliser, down to the fact we’ve had such a weird journey through the league and cup.


Kidderminster was a regulation, professional performance but ever since Reece Wabara’s equaliser in the Second Round at home to Doncaster this FA Cup run has been brilliant, surreal and every moment has got better than the last one!

Matt Derbyshire’s quick fire double was two great moments – there was under 3,000 in Boundary Park but the place was rocking. Forest away was dismal, abject downright terrible until the smallest of tactical switches saw us run riot in a seven minute spell unmatched since the Pinch Me days. What can I say about Liverpool? It was the day when everything went right, coupled with a blood thirsty determination to get over the line. And as for yesterday? We all love a last minute goal, but wow! Just before we scored I looked to the sky and pleaded to my Grandad – wherever he is to smile down on us and give us what we deserved. I’m not sure if he heard but you can see me on the tv going mental when that equaliser goes in and i’m thanking someone up there!

How can a team that has achieved the above time and again in the Cup, have been so abject in the League? It’s one of football’s great mysteries, we need Matt Smith to play like a trojan in the league now, we need Robbie Simpson to barnstorm his way through the Stevenage and Pompey defences like he’s done in the cup. Time to stand up and be counted lads, the cup has been magnificent and it’s not over yet but let’s start getting some points on the board.

Special mention to my fellow fans, Liverpool was a great atmosphere, but last night was electric – the best atmosphere probably since we beat Manchester United almost 20 years ago.

I’m still walking on air from Liverpool, last night I think I entered the stratosphere. It’s why we do it, I can take three years of shit simply to experience moments like yesterday once in a while. The best moment was after we’d got home, I had a quiet moment of reflection, emotional that my dad was not well enough to be there last night, then I saw my kids faces, that was my moment of the season – they were absolutely buzzing.

My 14 year old boy said to me, “Dad, I understand now, I understand why you go and watch the rubbish year in year out – you watch it hoping for moments like that Matt Smith goal.”

Smart kid…..and another diehard was born yesterday…….

I moan, I whinge i’m as fickle as the next man at times. I tell it like it is but rather than walk away citing the board, the manager, three stands – blah, blah blah I turn up every week, no matter how shit we are. Why? Because Oldham Athletic are my team and for every 100 games of abject shite – we get moments like that yesterday and I wouldn’t miss any of it for the world. I hope some that have decided to return for the big games get the bug again. The proof I suppose will be next week v Pompey….


I had similar yesterday. I had to attend a family party yesterday so couldn’t attend in person. It was touch and go – divorce mentioned in jest – but when it was confirmed as being televised then the wife won. Condition was I watched the match in another room and only joined the party afterwards.

I got the usual “why do you support a shit team like Oldham?” from those who didn’t know me as I’m not from Oldham and should be supporting the likes of Villa, Birmingham City even Wolves. I then had to explain why I started supporting us 27 years ago, which was backed up by close family explaining how passionate I am despite being born and bred down here with no connection whatsoever.

We went 1-0 up and some drifted into my room when I almost brought the house down. They drifted back out towards the end of first half and we then decided to have the large TV on in background of the party room so I could join them for the 2nd half. As the excitement built up more and more started to watch the TV.

When Smith scored and I exploded someone said “that’s why someone sticks with a team through thick and thin!”

I’m really proud to support OAFC and despite continually justifying not being a glory hunter when we reached the Prem, most recognise how much of a diehard I am when I continued paying thousands each season watching them despite dropping to League 1with the likes of the McNiven twins, Dudley and the like and we got battered by Cardiff, Luton even Wycombe.

I get messages following events – mostly mockery when were at the bottom of the league – but littered with congratulatory comments when over the seasons we beat Derby, West Ham, Wolves, Forest and recently Liverpool in the cup.

27 years on and I’m devoted as ever – converted a few midlanders along the way including my wife and 2 girls too.

I consider myself a chosen one for falling in love with an unfashionable team from Lancashire in the shadows of United and City. Days like yesterday make me even prouder for making that decision.


When I got to the bit about your 14 year old, I filled up.

Oldham Athletic, how do you explain it. Been married for over 35 years & my wife still doesn’t understand, – god knows, I’ve tried.

Your post gives me hope.


The Sunday Mirror today on Obita’s goal _ “if there had still been a roof on the derelict Broadway stand it would have been taken off by the joy that erupted around the old ground”.

Joy. More than celebration, more than exhultation. that sense of absolute happiness, of feeling that at that moment nothing could be better. Joy – you saw it and felt it against Liverpool, and yesterday.

Can Oldham Athletic win at Goodison Park, just like they did in 2008? Have your say in the comments section below…