Wenger boos Arsenal supporters at train station in shock flip

Threatens to "fart in general direction" of Londonbound fans.

This man has been bating Arsenal supporters
WAFT: Wenger (Image: Ronnie Macdonald)

A triumphant Arsène Wenger waited behind at Manchester Piccadilly station to confront a group of Arsenal supporters after yesterday’s 2-0 win at Man City, it is being reported.


The Frenchman, grinning deviously and uttering something about “oeuf sur les visages”, positioned himself on the platform as fans were boarding the train back to London.

When the fans appeared, Wenger began to boo and took to the PA system in order to announce his intention to “fart in [their] general direction”, a threat he demonstrated by pointing his rear end at them and mock-wafting.

Wenger has come under pressure for his record of 15 consecutive Champions League qualifications, with tensions coming to a head after recent defeats at Stoke, Southampton and a group of schoolchildren in the park who challenged them to a game of 60 Seconds.

But yesterday’s shock win at the Etihad looks to have restored Wenger’s reputation to such an extent that he woke up this morning to a congratulatory muffin basket commissioned by Piers Morgan.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Wenger described his relish at booing the Arsenal supporters who not so long ago had been calling for his head.

He said: “Ha! Take that, you swines!

“As we say back home, revenge is un plat best served booed, and if possible on a train station platform.

“I mean, those fans I just booed might not have been the ones booing me after Stoke away, but they could very well have been.

“Even if they’re not, I’m sure they’ll pass the gesture on to the others and eventually someone will apologise to me on behalf of all Gunners fans like they should.”

He then slipped over and fumbled impotently in front of paparazzi as he attempted to free himself from a puffy nylon binding.