Sky Sports set to sue Man City over Agüero injury

Agüero-oriented promotional campaign for Champions League clash with Roma leaves Sky with egg on faces.

Sergio Agüero, star of the Agüero injury
AGGRIEVED: Agüero (Image: Голубович Дмитрий)

Sky Sports intend to take legal action against Manchester City following the Sergio Agüero injury that’s “completely spannered up” their promotion of Wednesday’s Champions League clash with Roma.

The wound, all fiddly and ligamenty, was incurred in the second minute of Saturday’s 1-0 win over Everton and looks set to keep the Argentine sidelined for approximately a month.

It’s a development that has caused much consternation around the club, who’d been gradually assuming the look of champions in recent weeks.

And it’s one that set alarm bells ringing around Sky Sports HQ when they realised they’d based their entire advertising campaign for Wednesday’s game around footage of Agüero’s dramatic hat-trick against Bayern Munich.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Sky supremo Rupert Murdoch indicated that he’d be taking more of a hands-on approach for what promises to be a titanic legal wrangle.

He said: “I’ll challenge Sheikh Mansour to an old-fashioned duel if I have to, but for the meantime I’ll say, ‘See you in court.’

“This latest Agüero injury has left everyone here at Sky with egg on our collective face, and we’re in no mood to be messed with at the best of times.

“Manchester City couldn’t even fulfil their obligation of keeping Agüero on the pitch for at least 60 minutes against Everton, which lest we forget was also live on Sky.

“The Roma game is on Sky Sports 5 so chances are no one will be watching anyway, but it’s the principle of the thing.

“If you base your team around a player, and we then base a promotional campaign around that player, and said player misses the game we’ve been using him to plug, there will be consequences.

“Unless City find a suitable replacement in time, we shall palm off all of our planned football coverage onto ITV and screen only tiddlywinks in its place.

“Don’t like the sound of that? Then talk to Manchester City.”