Manchester United fan says he doesn't have a favourite player because "they're all rubbish" on ITV News
(Image: Twitter/CJ Banks)

VIDEO: Young Manchester United fan on the news says he doesn’t have a favourite player because “they’re all rubbish”

Is not impressed with the current squad.



A young Manchester United fan replied “none of them” when asked on ITV News who his favourite player is, saying “they’re all rubbish”.

The reporter questioned the “future footballer” schoolboy beside a training session before asking which team he supports.

It turns out the youngster likes Man Utd but doesn’t rate any of the current squad.


He tells ITV News that they are all “rubbish” and so he doesn’t currently have a favourite player.

After a little pushing, the boy is forced to admit that he has a soft spot for manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær – “he’s a legend”.