Liverpoolfootballclubists Declare Mighty Wah! on Embattled Comedian

Liverpool aren't too happy with comedian Alan Davies
Davies... Clearly evil (Img: Craig Grobler)

Liverpoolfootballclub extremists have declared a Mighty Wah! on comedian Alan Davies for questioning their custom of not playing matches on the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster.

Davies, Jonathan Creek, embarked on the ill-advised rant on his weekly Arsenal podcast, stating clearly that while the 1989 tragedy was the worst of his football-following life, he failed to see why the Anfield side should declare April 15th to be off-limits while other clubs to have suffered comparably in the past continue to play games scheduled on their respective days of remembrance.

Davies, who some people describe as “the thick one off QI“, but if you haven’t spotted that he’s putting it on then you’re actually pretty thick yourself, was immediately accused by orthodox Liverpoolfootballclubists of disrespecting their culture, with many pointing out that he will now die like a dog unless he offers himself up as a sacrifice to Kenny Dalglish, in which case he’ll probably die more like a boiled lobster.

Despite lacking the clout to get any kind of quote on this, Football Burp understands that Davies has been issued with the dreaded Mighty Wah!, a juristic ruling in the Liverpoolfootballclubist faith that involves the recipient being hunted down by Pete Wylie, strapped to a replica of the Superlambanana and forced to listen to “Heart as Big as Liverpool” on repeat while Liverpoolfootballclubists inundate him with abusive Tweets until he dies from it.

Football Burp understands that Football Burp has now been issued with a Mighty Wah!, and if you ‘like’ this on Facebook then you’ll be next.

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