Harry Redknapp reaffirms commitment to making loads of money

Harry Redknapp
Redknapp narrowly avoided getting eaten by Foghorn Leghorn in a Brighton kit (Image: James Boyes)

Queens Park Rangers manager Harry Redknapp has pledged his future to making loads of money amid rumours that he might walk away from his latest cash cow having overseen its relegation.

The relegation, Mark Hughes’s fault to be fair, has not dimmed Redknapp’s enduring passion for coining it and so he shall nestle into the Loftus Road hot seat until such a time as Tony Fernandes sees fit to pay him a still-considerable sum to leave.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Redknapp explained in no uncertain terms that he will not rest until he has filled his money vault sufficiently for him to be able to dive into it Scrooge McDuck-like.

He said: “I am committed to moolah. I want to do well for moneymaking and I want to take it back where it’s even more lucrative – the Premier League.

“It will be a difficult task to start making even more money but it’s a challenge I am excited about.”

Turning around to speak to someone else, Redknapp hinted at incoming transfer activity that will definitely not supplement his income or any such nonsense, after all how could he get away with such a scheme when he’s almost completely illiterate, honest guv.

He roared: “I know the kind of players we need and I’m working with [chief executive] Philip [Beard] and the owners [of QPR] to get [transfer] deals over the [proverbial] line.

“We’re in constant dialogue. We’re all on the same page and want to bring success to our wallets. We’re trying to bring the right types of lads into the squad – players who have the right mentality, ability and character to get us out of this division and into one where our coffers could be further swelled.

“Or should that be swollen?”

He added: “I may not know that, but I know the game and know what QPR need to get back into the land of milk and honey, by which I mean loads more money for cars and golf clubs.”