Seven videos of players having their shorts pulled down

Quite literally.

Players have their shorts pulled down occasionally
VULNERABLE: Shorts (Image: Clemens PFEIFFER)

We’ve all known players to get caught with their pants down – but players having their shorts pulled down? It happens.

Starting with a glittering example from the weekend just gone, whack on some Benny Hill music and enjoy these moments of pure slapstick:

Edin Džeko v Kyriakos Papadopoulos

Former Man City striker Džeko lashed out in humorous, if not good-humoured, fashion when Papadopoulos brought him down during a World Cup 2018 qualifier between Greece and Bosnia.

He was shown his second yellow for the tug, while Papadopoulos was also sent off for his part in the incident:

So Edin Dzeko got sent off yesterday for pulling down a Greek player's shorts pic.twitter.com/kwLLoF1Ngq

— Elite Daily Football (@SuperBettingBro) November 14, 2016

Jan Vertonghen v Nicklas Helenius

Dane v Dane! The Spurs defender creatively disrupted the Aston Villa striker’s shot during a League Cup tie, and furthermore he got away with it as his side ran out 4-0 winners:

Gary Roberts v Russell Penn

Chesterfield winger Roberts had the perfect solution to Penn’s efforts to interfere with his free-kick, whipping down the Cheltenham Town midfielder’s shorts right in front of the referee.

Despite Penn’s unintentionally hilarious protestations, the official remained unmoved:

Roberts went on to score the opening goal of the game, underlining the fact that he’s not one to be messed with.

Marco Verratti v Axel Ngando

PSG midfielder Verratti offered up a wry take on the professional foul when he put a cynical end to a Bastia break:

Luke Mulholland v Sebastián Jaime

It’s not entirely clear what led to this celebratory prank between Real Salt Lake team-mates:

Jacob Blyth v Ben Tozer

Not even post-match interviews are a safe space, as Northampton Town’s Tozer found out here:

Adrien Trebel

And you can rule out trophy celebrations too, if the experience of Standard Liège captain Trebel is anything to go by:

But who was the perpetrator? Do write in if you know.