Balotelli goal v Swansea reignites Ferrari dispute

League Cup strike forces police to reconsider Liverpool star's likely threat.

Balotelli goal v Swansea reopens investigations into díspute involving one of these babies
FLASH: Car (Image: Xabi Rome-Hérault)

It’s the Mario Balotelli goal v Swansea that’s had everybody jiving, and it’s inadvertently led to police reopening investigations into the Liverpool forward’s allegedly threatening behaviour.

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The Italian, madcap, had been accused of getting all up in the face of some lass who’d been trying to Instagram his Ferrari or some such modernity.

Having reviewed footage from a number of recent Liverpool matches, police had decided that Balotelli couldn’t possibly pose a threat to anyone.

However, last night’s Balotelli goal v Swansea – the one that’s had everybody throwing shapes in a frenzied mass dance-off of love, lest we forget – has swung that pendulum anew.

Texting exclusively to Football Burp, the girl with the smartphone recounted events from her perspective.

She typed: “i woz jst tryin 2 tk a selfie nxt 2 mario’s ferrari wen he stormz in an tries to tk a swing at me.

“his fist hit da lamppost instd of ma face, causing him a gr8 deal of pain, so i quikly swopt shirtz wiv him an got dafuq out of dere.

“i dred 2 fink wot he might try an do 2 me now hes regained his composure. it duznt bear finkin abt, tbh.”

Police say they’ll resume investigations as soon as they’ve finished decoding the above.

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