Newport supporter sings 'I've conquered all the chippys' fan song at game against Swindon
(Image: YouTube/The Amber Army)

VIDEO: Newport supporter sings ‘I’ve conquered all the chippys’ fan song at game

"Chips, peas and gravy..."


A Newport County fan started singing the viral fan song ‘I’ve conquered all the chippy’ at a game against Swindon.

The supporter whipped out the chant in the middle of the League Two clash under the lights at Rodney Parade after a rendition of ‘Allez, Allez, Allez’.

The song was made popular by a Liverpool fan who recorded himself coming out with the alternate lyrics for the tune in a video last year.

The singer failed to inspire the team though, Newport were unable to score and the midweek match finished in a dull goalless draw.

I’ve conquered all the chippys
I’m never gonna stop
Chips, peas and gravy
I’ve ate the f***ing lot
Pepperoni pizza, chicken vindaloo
I’m a big fat bastard
Because I love my f***ing food
Ole, ole, ole
Ole, ole, ole