The England jokes from France 5-2 Iceland Euro 2016 quarter-final

A tie that many thought the national team should have participated in.

There were more England jokes from France 5-2 Iceland - Euro 2016 quarter-final
PROBABLY WATCHING: Hodgson (Image: Mikhail Slain)

These are the best England jokes from France 5-2 Iceland, a Euro 2016 quarter-final that many fans thought the national team should have participated in.

After losing their last-16 tie against the Icelanders, the England team have not been held in the highest regard back home and the French demolition job on Sunday night only served to further that sentiment.

So here are the best of the England jokes from France 5-2 Iceland:

come on England oh wait….

— lauraaaa ⭐️ (@khfc_laura) July 3, 2016

Did England drop Joe Hart for the France game in the end?

— Dan Tyte (@dantyte) July 3, 2016

Every England fan right now 😂 pic.twitter.com/W41TZjzwij

— Jamie H (@jamiefrombrum) July 3, 2016

Can't see why we were so critical of England. Look how difficult France are finding it playing against Iceland. 🙄

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) July 3, 2016

Somewhere, in the heart of Ibiza, Dele Alli has his hand around Wayne Lineker, not giving a toss about this game #FRAISL

— 90min (@90min_Football) July 3, 2016

England being embarrassed without even playing.

— James Dall (@JamesDallESPN) July 3, 2016

If only we'd been remotely, slightly capable of playing like this… we'd be on the end of this hiding instead. #FRAISL

— Mike Price (@mikkyx) July 3, 2016

Every French goal just makes England look that much more rubbish. #FRAISL

— Samuel Oakford (@samueloakford) July 3, 2016

You pricks @England

— Knighty (@LeonKnight_) July 3, 2016

Probably for the best that England didn't beat #Isl to be fair.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) July 3, 2016

Good thinking from England to avoid this twatting.

— Dave Tickner (@tickerscricket) July 3, 2016

It should have been #ENG getting humiliated here. What a night this would be. #FRAISL

— MÛREGA (@TsarNjoroge) July 3, 2016

And to think this time last week people were thinking 'England can take France in the quarters' Hmmm 😂

— Adrian Clarke (@adrianjclarke) July 3, 2016

England, already humiliated by Iceland, are now being humiliated by proxy by France.

— Tom Williams (@tomwfootball) July 3, 2016

England are not even in the euros anymore and their still getting humiliated every game

— Tom Peoples (@mrpeoples77) July 3, 2016

@DavidDPaxton It's very French to find a way to mock England without even playing them

— Kevin Feeney (@KevinMFeeney) July 3, 2016

Is it too late to sack Roy Hodgson?? #FRAISL

— The Galway Player (@GalwayPlayer) July 3, 2016

I wonder if Rooney and the lads are watching this in Ibiza. #FRAISL

— Jon Barmby (@jonbarmby) July 3, 2016

I have visions of Hodgson, watching #FRAISL at home and no-one daring say a word.

— Sam Hodges (@SamHodges) July 3, 2016

These cosseted Iceland players must have bought their mums far too many houses since Monday. #FRAISL

— Pavilion Opinions (@pavilionopinion) July 3, 2016

That's why Kane won't go to Iceland… #FRAISL pic.twitter.com/iVR59nVnh0

— Ladbrokes (@Ladbrokes) July 3, 2016

Maybe a group of overpaid arrogant dudes can beat a plucky team with great spirit after all #FRAISL

— Michael Bench-Capon (@MikeBenchCapon) July 3, 2016

New,England shirt out soon pic.twitter.com/UYWRhuAcut

— NG3 NFFC Red Army (@markyp64) July 3, 2016

At halftime: France 7 England 0
Extrapolation #FRAISL

— Leslie (@LeslieThoka) July 3, 2016

Reverting to calling England 'Icelands opponents in the last 16' because it's simply too embarrassing to mention England anymore

— Chris (@chrisbraiths) July 3, 2016

@TSBible Everyone knows England don't deliver on any day

— Zak Turk (@Zak_T07) July 3, 2016

Key stats so far from #FRAISL on ITV:

Fouls: 14
Cards: 1 (Y)
Corners: 2
Shots on target: 9
Goals: 6
Unnecessary mentions of England: 212

— Celtic Wiki (@TheCelticWiki) July 3, 2016

Here they are. The idiot England squad. pic.twitter.com/LhpbEcB9oz

— Danny Baker (@prodnose) July 3, 2016

Just think, we could all be watching England lose 8-0 right now.

— Rhys James (@rhysjamesy) July 3, 2016

England could play themselves and stil lose

— Official LizMula (@Liofame) July 3, 2016

Meanwhile in England… 😉 #FRAISL pic.twitter.com/GauCg7dw1O

— St. Oberholz (@oberholz) July 3, 2016

Somewhere Roy Hodgson is sitting in front of his TV saying 'see?! They can score two goals against anyone.' #FRAISL

— Ashley Blaker (@AshleyBlaker) July 3, 2016

Hodgson just smiled for the first time in a week.. #FRAISL

— Ashley Blaker (@AshleyBlaker) July 3, 2016

Yet today's biggest losers are still the English. #FRAISL

— Felicia (@Felicia_Mok) July 3, 2016

REVEALED: The brand new England shirt on sale now! pic.twitter.com/yp6Lzzo0sG

— TheFootballCommunity (@Footy_Community) July 3, 2016

Iceland got 2 past France. So minus the 5 goals they scored from england's total and divide by 3 and the answer is.. Harry Redknapp.

— Tim Vine (@RealTimVine) July 3, 2016

In 20 years time when all the players are chopping up whales they can say "hey lads mind that night we put England out the Euros?"

— Jane (@JaneTorrance) July 3, 2016