The best jokes as Iceland exit Euro 2016 after 5-2 quarter-final defeat to France

Valiant islanders finally going home, but will always have win against England to treasure.

This viking is sad after reading the jokes as Iceland exit Euro 2016 following their 5-2 quarter-final defeat to France
SAD: Viking (Image: SerenityRose)

These are the best jokes as Iceland are finally knocked out of Euro 2016 following a 5-2 quarter-final loss to hosts France on Sunday night.

The valiant islanders won a lot of friends with their heroic team displays during the tournament and will always have their round of sixteen win against the dismal England to treasure.

But as Iceland exit Euro 2016 at the quarter-final stage, here are the best jokes from their defeat to France:

This isn't what I was sold #FRAISL

— Ellen Coyne (@ellenmcoyne) July 3, 2016

What's French for "Stop it, please. You're killing the dream"?

— SerialSockThief (@serialsockthief) July 3, 2016

Lost the game but won our hearts tweets incoming #FRAISL

— Nick Parker (@NickParkerMusic) July 3, 2016

We are not amusedson. #FRAISL pic.twitter.com/3RTYDjtwUP

— Juna (@IrgendwieJuna) July 3, 2016

French definition of hospitality I suppose #FRAISL

— Pink lady (@mailyst) July 3, 2016

I wonder how the Icelandic commentator is holding up #FRAISL

— Nathan Sykes (@NathanSykes) July 3, 2016

There's a norse deity called Frigg too. Maybe that's who's on call tonight. #FRAISL

— Jackie Leonard (@JackieLeonard01) July 3, 2016

Everybody Knows that Iceland don't deliver on a Sunday …#FRAISL

— Michael.⚽️ (@Lufc_Michael_4) July 3, 2016

Before this #FRAISL game, the French said, "That bloke who does the long throws, we have to study him, you know, inspect a Norse."

— Michael Rosen (@MichaelRosenYes) July 3, 2016

Iceland: Of course we can handle France! #FRAISL pic.twitter.com/UmLdlhGX0H

— Schwester Ewald (@hashcrap) July 3, 2016

At least we know how the Iceland players will commiserate themselves in their hotel room. #FRAISL pic.twitter.com/EaXbgtwAPE

— James Martin (@Pundamentalism) July 3, 2016

I feel sorry for the pain this loss will cause in Iceland.
Every player is Someonesson. #FRAISL

— Ciarán Ó Raghallaigh (@Ciaran_O) July 3, 2016

A prophet long ago predicted the conclusion of #FRAISL. So sad. pic.twitter.com/H6EeHBwCUb

— Norse Mythology (@NorseMythNews) July 3, 2016


— Adam Roberts (@arrroberts) July 3, 2016

French are starting to feel like they invited us all over to their house for a party, only to bully lads about and wreck the sesh. #FRAISL

— Jon Hozier-Byrne (@JonHozierByrne) July 3, 2016

Not bad considering Iceland lads were working 9-5 all week#FRAISL

— Fergus McFadden (@fergmcfadden) July 3, 2016

This is is just a test. The World Cup is next! #ISL #FRAISL pic.twitter.com/Y1wACFTEEq

— Juna (@IrgendwieJuna) July 3, 2016

Keep your head up son. And son, and son, and son, and son, and son, and son, and son, and son, and son, and son. #FRAISL

— Rich T (@richtibbett) July 3, 2016

Mangala's on…. France are taking the piss…. #FRAISL

— Steven Parkhill (@Parky_92) July 3, 2016

I love watching the underdog get crushed. #FRAISL

— Bad Legal LLP (@BadLegalLLP) July 3, 2016

Brrrrrrrrrrexit. #FRAISL

— Mr Roger Quimbly (@RogerQuimbly) July 3, 2016

Your boyfriend is preparing that "he's already dead" Simpsons screen cap about that #FRAISL as we speak.

— Extra Virgin (@Bubblenoma) July 3, 2016

Never buying a baguette again #FRAISL

— Bjossi Kolla (@beefycakerson) July 3, 2016

This photo (1996) of Gylfi, Hannes and Aron was taken when Guðjohnsen played his first match for #ISL #FRAISL pic.twitter.com/r1Eq3P76Gq

— Dagur Hjartarson (@DagurHjartarson) July 3, 2016

Time for Iceland to pack their bags. That 5p for each one now just adding insult to injury. #FRAISL

— Channel 4 (@Channel4) July 3, 2016

So long and thanks for all the fish #FRAISL pic.twitter.com/qGxgxLuKYP

— James Mitchell (@jxmitchell) July 3, 2016

Possibly the most respected 5-2 defeat ever? #FRAISL #ICE

— Tom Anderson (@Tanderson_swfc) July 3, 2016

The inverted commas make it seem like RTE are being condescending about Iceland in the 2nd half #FRAISL pic.twitter.com/9tiknMGXZp

— Ryan Cullen (@RyanCullen90) July 3, 2016