The best Spain kit jokes after Euro 2016 away shirt outing v Croatia

Holders wear bizarre number during 2-1 defeat to Croatia.

Some Spain kit jokes compared it to a spilt spaghetti dinner
LIKENESS: Spag bol

These were the best Spain kit jokes after the controversial away strip made its first appearance at Euro 2016, the wearers losing 2-1 to Croatia in their final group stage clash.

Substantially mixed opinions met the airing of the kit, with some comparing it to various food spillages, others noting its similarity to vomit.

It clearly wasn’t a charm – the reigning champions’ defeat left them with a 2nd place finish in Group D – so there’s an extra dimension of comedy to these Spain kit jokes:

Spain kit's designer going for the trademark "I've just vomited chips and ketchup down myself" look pic.twitter.com/9bXuw55PDa

— Kaya Burgess (@kayaburgess) June 21, 2016

Great goal from Spain, although their kit makes them look like someone's thrown spag bol at them.

— Dave Vitty (@davidvitty) June 21, 2016

If the shorts have a brown bit on back, the Spain kit is pretty much how I woke up after a Newcastle stag do in 2006 pic.twitter.com/2V5QcGMdU7

— Stuart Farquhar (@stufarquhar) 21 June 2016

Today's hot question: Is God simply punishing Spain for their change kit?

— Simon Curtis (@bifana_bifana) June 22, 2016

Spain, 1993 called..They want their kit back. #bbceuro2016 #ESP #ESPCRO #EURO2016

— Tom Hayes (@tommm_thumb) 21 June 2016

The wife just asked me "Did Spain get ketchup and mustard down their shirt" #CROESP

— Simon Bell (@sb007ck) 21 June 2016

The Spain Kit… pic.twitter.com/f6yWTVLQYy

— Fidel GaGstro (@GagsTandon) 21 June 2016

Spain away shirt. Inspired by Gorbachev. #CROESP #EURO2016 #ESP #CRO pic.twitter.com/Vu5EtvRxDC

— Ian イアン [STGオタク] (@stuffiwrote) 21 June 2016

Ce plagiat flagrant. #CROESP pic.twitter.com/vfdrCVcsVw

— Léo (@lrolla14) 21 June 2016

This Spain away kit is either an abstract depiction of the country's culture. Or it's a pile of Doritos.

— Graham Ruthven (@grahamruthven) 21 June 2016

Do you reckon Coca Cola as Euro's sponsor are annoyed with Spain's Dorito's kit, what with Doritos being made by Pepsi?

— Miles Jacobson (@milesSI) June 21, 2016

Wanna make your own Spain away kit?
1) Get a white t-shirt
2) Go out on the lash
3) Barf your kebab round yourself pic.twitter.com/jm51tgXoxy

— L.A.D (@LADFLEG) 21 June 2016

My white top after Egg chips and beans #esp #CROESP pic.twitter.com/qyYPIdFHng

— Jillie omeda (@OmedaJillie) 21 June 2016

Just finished my tea and realised I'd been eating off the Spain kit. pic.twitter.com/O36KAfRxYT

— paul m (@invernessred) 21 June 2016

If anyone wonders how Spain came up with their away kit… #CROESP pic.twitter.com/r7upSxdvbW

— Lizzi Cloverman (@LizziCloverman) 21 June 2016

Thank Terry Butcher for Spain's new away strip #CROESP pic.twitter.com/5HM7xszrpT

— ANDREW PARKER (@AndrewParker101) 21 June 2016

Design inspiration behind the Spanish kit #CROESP pic.twitter.com/3lDPeXusSi

— Olga Kim (@KimOlgashian) 21 June 2016

Spain's kit looks like that time at Bacup when one of our player's new nipple piercing started to bleed.

— Glossop North End (@GlossopNorthEnd) 21 June 2016

I knew I'd seen that Spanish shirt somewhere before #CROESP pic.twitter.com/NuznWrNAMu

— Cobsy (@Cobsy) 21 June 2016

There's vomit on their kit already, Mom's spaghetti. #CROESP #ESP pic.twitter.com/SeNjkvsUoO

— Katie. (@Katie_Smithy) 21 June 2016

@D_DeGea suffers that sickening feeling.#CROESP pic.twitter.com/hd7yBp2cMd

— UEFA EURO 2016 (@UEFAEURO) 21 June 2016