The best jokes as David Beckham backs Remain in EU referendum

Iconic former England midfielder weighs in with suspiciously eloquent opinion on Thursday's vote.

David Beckham backs Remain, inspiring these jokes
BREMAINER: Beckham (Image: Brian MInkoff / London Pixels)

While tensions continue to mount nationwide ahead of Thursday’s all-important vote, unwind with this selection of the best jokes as David Beckham backs Remain in the EU referendum.

The former England and Manchester United midfielder weighed in on the side of the ‘In’ crowd as Britain prepares to decide whether or not to remain as part of the European Union – much to the chagrin, of course, of Brexit campaigners.

Whether his intervention stokes your ire or has you nodding along in agreement, at least try to enjoy the following jokes as David Beckham backs Remain:

Beckham to vote Remain, surprising everyone as it's a long time since he put a cross in the box.

— HaveIGotNewsForYou (@haveigotnews) June 21, 2016

This is exactly how David Beckham speaks:pic.twitter.com/ERPzcf69qc

— Philip Cowley (@philipjcowley) June 21, 2016

David Beckham comes out for Remain. Bring back the experts – all is forgiven.

— Patrick Wintour (@patrickwintour) June 21, 2016

Brexiters: Do NOT trust experts!

*Beckham comes out for Remain*

Brexiters: What does he know? He’s not an expert.

(HT @sturdyAlex)

— David Schneider (@davidschneider) June 21, 2016

'what does david beckham know about politics anyway' – says roger the plumber from milton keynes

— matt (@imkirbo) June 21, 2016

@David_Cameron Wow. What a coup. I've always gone to David Beckham for geopolitical and economic advice.

— AJ (@iamnotshouting) June 21, 2016

At least we now know what David Beckham thinks we should vote.

Next up, what flavour crayon he prefers…

— Old Holborn (@Holbornlolz) June 21, 2016

As someone who often gave 110%, David Beckham fits in nicely with the levels of questionable numeracy witnessed during this #EUref campaign.

— Michael Savage (@michaelsavage) June 21, 2016

If anybody basis their Referendum vote on what David Beckham says then quite frankly you shouldn't be allowed to vote.

— Lord Vincent (@vincentbrownlow) June 21, 2016

If David Beckham actually changes your mind on the European Union. pic.twitter.com/eFO4fna5k0

— Aidan (@TheSnappyBoss) June 21, 2016

Well if there's one person who knows all about staying in a loveless union whose best years are behind it, it's David Beckham.

— Gary Delaney (@GaryDelaney) June 21, 2016

David Beckham says "UK should face problems of world together"

While he is sitting at his mansion in LA.

— Adam (@GucciStun) June 21, 2016

David Beckham whose sport is run by a corrupt, undemocratic body called #FIFA wants to vote for a corrupt, undemocratic body called #EU.

— Lee Hurst (@2010LeeHurst) June 21, 2016

Getting political advice off David Beckham is like getting hair and beauty tips off Carlos Tevez. #Pointless

— Etihad Empty Seat (@EtihadEmptySeat) June 21, 2016

David Beckham giving advice on politics is like mike ashley giving advice on diets

— Jamie Stewart (@1690Jamie) June 21, 2016

Let's be honest though, taking political advice from David Beckham is like asking a chocolate biscuit for gardening tips.

— DAN HIRST (@Daniel_Hirst19) June 21, 2016

The likes of @piersmorgan and @NadineDorriesMP sneering at David Beckham. You couldn't make it up. And Piers would know all about that

— Tim Burgess (@Tim_Burgess) June 21, 2016

David Beckham is a cracking kid, though I bumped into him a few years back at Madame Tussauds. He just stood there blanking me. So rude.

— Kevin Keegan (@GalacticKeegan) June 21, 2016

Soon to be Sir David Beckham.https://t.co/p1mXuMiz06

— Jason (@EnemyWithinn) June 21, 2016

David Beckham taken to Instagram to have his say on Brexit.

Next up, Les Battersby from Coronation St posts on Bebo about Donald Trump.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) June 21, 2016

Essentially the choice is now between David Beckham and Sol Campbell pic.twitter.com/Gls1ikIX1E

— Will Unwin (@Will_Unwin) June 21, 2016