The best Sepp Blatter jokes as Putin backs him for Nobel Peace Prize

Russian president endorses suspended Fifa chief for unlikely humanitarian award.

Sepp Blatter jokes are about this guy
Sepp is all ears to Vlad’s suggestion (Image: Marcello Casal Jr./ABr)

These were the best Sepp Blatter jokes circulating on Twitter as news spread that Vladimir Putin had endorsed him for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Russian president said:

He [Blatter] is a very reputable person who has contributed greatly to the development of modern football. His contribution to the global humanitarian field is enormous.

He has always tried to use football, not just for sport, but as a tool for fostering cooperation between people. He has done a lot to develop world football. We should give him the Nobel peace prize.

Putin’s approval of course has nothing to do with the fact that Russia was controversially awarded the 2018 World Cup, no siree.

Anyway, on with the Sepp Blatter jokes…

Vladimir Putin has just said that Sepp Blatter should be given the Nobel Peace Prize. pic.twitter.com/UinvxZHuCv

— Eurosport UK (@Eurosport_UK) December 17, 2015

Apparently Vladimir Putin has come out saying that Sepp Blatter deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. pic.twitter.com/T7MHM2wZOx

— Coral (@Coral) December 17, 2015

Vladimir Putin says Sepp Blatter should win the Nobel Peace Prize. Sure Sepp would celebrate winning in style https://t.co/WrBxlYs4kQ

— Sporting Index (@sportingindex) December 17, 2015

Having praised the Rothenbergs, Putin now embarks on encomium to the paragon of integrity Sepp Blatter

— S Ennis (@SEEnnis) December 17, 2015

Putin – "Sepp Blatter is a widely respected person who should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.” Thermo-nuclear trolling.

— badassday (@badassday) December 17, 2015

If there was Nobel Prize for being lying sack of shit, then Putin and Blatter would split it. https://t.co/bVT5ncfk2k

— Petr Shugurov (@GatecrasherUA) December 17, 2015

Putin: "Sepp Blatter deserves a Nobel Peace Prize." Here's who else the Russian shortlisted… pic.twitter.com/6l4zbif9WU

— BreatheSport (@BreatheSport) December 17, 2015

He's just Putin us on"@MichaelPDeacon: Vladimir Putin has just said in all seriousness that Sepp Blatter shd be given the Nobel Peace Prize"

— Bob Rae (@BobRae48) December 17, 2015

Vladimir Putin has said Sepp Blatter should not be investigated and instead should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize-no punch line required

— John Bishop (@JohnBishop100) December 17, 2015