The best jokes from Tunisia 1-2 England after added-time Harry Kane winner in World Cup opener

We're going to win the cup.

People will be flying the flag and reading the tweets and jokes from Tunisia 1-2 England after a late Harry Kane winner sealed a win for the lads in their first game at World Cup Russia 2018

England have won their opening game at a World Cup for the first time in over a decade, beating Tunisia 2-1 on Monday thanks to an injury-time goal from Harry Kane.

By the end of 90 minutes fans of the national side were furious with the referee and VAR system for a variety of decisions not going our way in a hot and midge-infested Volgograd.

But captain Kane battled on to complete a brace in added time and secure a much-needed victory for Gareth Southgate’s boys in their first Group G clash of Russia 2018.

These were the best jokes from Tunisia 1-2 England:




England been more exciting in this 3 minutes than the previous 12 years #ENGTUN

— Sean Alexander (@EtterFesten) June 18, 2018

Tony Pulis actually once tried to play this Formation at Stoke City pic.twitter.com/HIVsC3ewKI

— Men in Blazers (@MenInBlazers) June 18, 2018

I don't want to get too carried away but I think we're gonna win the World Cup. #ENGTUN

— Paul (@greasydunlop) June 18, 2018

#ENGTUN get that keeper off!! pic.twitter.com/m2Ldd3qNhK

— Terry Kinnersley (@TGKY7) June 18, 2018



Every England fan right now #ENGTUN pic.twitter.com/XDODoubA3K

— Football Burp ⚽ (@FootballBurp) June 18, 2018

And then they said, “It’s coming home” #ENGTUN pic.twitter.com/GXTrjkTZal

— Craig Wilkinson (@xfitbhoy) June 18, 2018

England drawing against a team managed by the bossman of a local shisha cafe #ENGTUN #WorldCup⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠

— cheetos (@sheikh_basbass) June 18, 2018

Stop the game because the ball, in a game of football, softly hit my body. #ENGTUN

— Jack Waldron (@waldron1994) June 18, 2018

I’m not sure I would trust that Russian anti-midge spray. #ENGTUN

— John O'Farrell (@mrjohnofarrell) June 18, 2018

Lad behind me in the pub spent the first five minutes loudly singing the praises of "Pickford" before saying "I'm not gonna lie I thought we were playing in white" #ENGTUN

— Jack (@GranitJacka) June 18, 2018

Tunisians playing some good rugby on the five metre line. #ENGTUN

— Rob Corp (@RobertCorp) June 18, 2018

Rugby World Cup is next year pal #ENGTUN pic.twitter.com/Ib9pPiqQ1T

— Franklin (@AJFranklin_) June 18, 2018

England with these VAR decisions #ENGTUN pic.twitter.com/7PlVwWtMlD

— Reece Blakesley (@reece_blakesley) June 18, 2018

I don’t understand why Tunisia doesn’t just send on four sumo wrestlers to mark Harry Kane #ENGTUN

— Richard Coles (@RevRichardColes) June 18, 2018

It’s almost as though @FIFAWorldCup @FIFAcom are corrupt and they’ve somehow influenced the referees to give us nothing? Luckily for us they’re a morally sound organisation and wouldn’t do such a thing. #ENGTUN

— Paddy McGuinness (@PaddyMcGuinness) June 18, 2018

live footage from the VAR control room #ENGTUN pic.twitter.com/TPoZvI0Aw6

— Sam Noble (@KnownAsNobbo) June 18, 2018



Its like watching the eurovision song contest but with a ball #ENGTUN

— John VTID (@ClassOf82_AVFC) June 18, 2018

It's important to remember that historically lots of teams have failed to win their opening game but STILL gone on to limp out in the quarter-finals.#ENGTUN

— Pundamentalism (@Pundamentalism) June 18, 2018

Currently #ENGTUN pic.twitter.com/dN5XIoJ2Pa

— Rob Walker (@llamedos77) June 18, 2018

#ENGTUN even my sky box is getting bored pic.twitter.com/ydkt93Gz36

— Sven (@svendiggler) June 18, 2018





If we hadn’t got that winner Tunisia would have been awarded the points on three falls and a submission #ENGTUN

— Carl jordan (@Carljordan5) June 18, 2018

Big inquest in the Tunisian dressing room as to who was responsible for wrestling Harry Kane to the floor at that corner. #ENGTUN

— Huey (@hueylad) June 18, 2018

Harry Kane played so much better when Tunisia took their scrum-half off! #ENGTUN #englandvstunisia #england

— Val ➡️ (@CornishPisky) June 18, 2018

Final Score: England 2
Midges 32,402,756

— Morris Bright MBE (@Morris__Bright) June 18, 2018

me before the match vs me after the match #ENGTUN pic.twitter.com/alvHzcBN90

— Monica (@monicaxgo) June 18, 2018

she married the wrong harry!! #ENGTUN #England pic.twitter.com/IOocsLycRH

— Andrew (@_A_n_d_r_e_w_s) June 18, 2018


Leaked footage from VAR hq during #ENGTUN pic.twitter.com/KTFrZ2Jvrx

— Kyle Hearnshaw (@kylehearnshaw) June 18, 2018


#ENGTUN England 2-1! The chap in the VAR booth not looking happy though pic.twitter.com/oFTw6iC6VQ

— Joe Richards (@VistaCalista) June 18, 2018

89th minute: Definitely not coming home

— Tom Davidson (@tom_davidson) June 18, 2018

All that remains now is for Harry Kane to claim that Tunisia goal to complete his hat-trick. #ENGTUN

— Pundamentalism (@Pundamentalism) June 18, 2018

Tunisia player starter pack #ENGTUN pic.twitter.com/HuDmRqV4p6

— Joseph Cattell (@JoeAPCattell) June 18, 2018

Tunisia look like an Emre Can tribute band. #ENGTUN

— Mark Martin (@billybleach) June 18, 2018


Every England fan right now…#ENG #ENGTUN pic.twitter.com/nyp9Ebv9j7

— Ladbrokes (@Ladbrokes) June 18, 2018

He Kane, he score, he conquered. #ENGTUN

— Pundamentalism (@Pundamentalism) June 18, 2018