The best jokes from Belgium 3-0 Panama after World Cup debutants hold out for 45 minutes

Romelu Lukaku brace.

Romelu Lukaku can enjoy the tweets and jokes from Belgium 3-0 Panama in Group G at Russia 2018
BRACE: Lukaku (Image: Oleg Bkhambri/Voltmetro)

A strong Belgium side on paper struggled to break down Panama’s defence on Monday in the Central American country’s first ever appearance at a World Cup finals.

A stunning Dries Mertens volley broke the deadlock shortly after half-time and the Belgians went on to win comfortably as a brace for Manchester United star Romelu Lukaku followed.

Here are the best of the jokes from Belgium 3-0 Panama in Group G at Russia 2018:





#BELPAN. Two teams which are already words in their abbreviations makes this the easiest one yet pic.twitter.com/qsXWNt0pgT

— Alex (@AlexSteweh) June 18, 2018

When Mark Lawrenson is commentating I just feel like I'm watching the game with some random old bloke down the pub who has no idea who any of the players are, doesn't know the rules, doesn't really understand football at all… And my TV license pays his wages! #WorldCup #BELPAN

— Sam Bromley (@SamBromley) June 18, 2018


Everytime I hear "Escobar" I think of Narcos #BELPAN #WorldCup pic.twitter.com/U2w5zArzjR

— Mace Windu (@Lecron) June 18, 2018

If Panama aren’t gonna win at least they are gonna try and break the record for most yellow cards in a World Cup game #BELPAN

— Tom Stevens (@TomStevens1995) June 18, 2018

*Any player in this game does anything*

The ref: #BELPAN pic.twitter.com/zsaAQAaNfS

— Will Gough (@Goughy_7) June 18, 2018

Live footage of the ref #BELPAN pic.twitter.com/gffklCmGD7

— Marcus Ludwick (@MarcusLudwick) June 18, 2018


Eden has been a Hazard to Panama #BELPAN

— #diaryofnasawali (@nasawali_phame) June 18, 2018

Are people from Panama known as Panamans or Panamen? #BELPAN pic.twitter.com/HMRMFWyinW

— Kakalabanda (@ErnestAkor) June 18, 2018

After listening to Mark Lawrenson on #BELPAN I'm going to listen to my Morrissey Sings Leonard Cohen album to cheer myself up before #ENGTUN

— Peter Smith (@Redpeter99) June 18, 2018

De Bruyne opened up that defense like the Panama Canal

#BELPAN pic.twitter.com/GSYfDe10Bi

— Arush (@arushb) June 18, 2018


They love the children of immigrants when they play for their National Teams #Lukaku #BELPAN #Bel #WorldCup

— African (@ali_naka) June 18, 2018

Good to see Stormzy getting off to a good start in the World Cup. Nicely taken couple of goals for him #BELPAN #WorldCup #Lukaku

— Andy Bryning (@AndyBryning) June 18, 2018