The best jokes from Russia 3-1 Egypt as hosts win their second World Cup game

Sad night for an unfit Mo Salah.

Mo Salah could not affect the jokes from Russia 3-1 Egypt as the World Cup hosts win their second game
NO ANSWERS: Salah (Image: FootballCoin)

Russia are on the verge of qualifying for the last-16 of the World Cup that they are hosting after a convincing win over Egypt on Tuesday.

The Russians followed up their thrashing of Saudi Arabia with three goals shortly after half-time to put the match beyond their opponents who were reliant on an unfit Mohamed Salah.

Another penalty awarded by the VAR system in use at the competition provided little consolation for the Egyptians, who now look unlikely to progress.

These were the best jokes from Russia 3-1 Egypt as the hosts stride on in Group A at Russia 2018:

Ref is raging the wee guy took the ball. #RUSEGY pic.twitter.com/WnXpx2Psx3

— Glasgow Is Blue (@GlasgowIsBlue72) June 19, 2018


The VAR is ready and waiting for the game #RUSEGY pic.twitter.com/AjVo3yuZku

— Mike (@mikejobson) June 19, 2018

There’s no point having Salah if the rest of your team have potatoes for feet #EGY #RUSEGY

— Kieran Smith (@kieransmith93) June 19, 2018

Mo Salah right now

#RUSEGY pic.twitter.com/WmtB3MRqV9

— Guffers (@gavmacn) June 19, 2018




Name : Egypt
Job : Saudi Arabia #RUSEGY

— el manchar (@el_manchar) June 19, 2018



For a brief moment Egypt had their nose in front and then…..#RUSEGY #WorldCup @robertmarawa pic.twitter.com/d4fpJcmbpA

— #FortesInFide (@clarencesdb) June 19, 2018

LEAKED: Footage of the Russian players in the dressing room before the game #RUSEGY pic.twitter.com/6k8qZFX4zJ

— Temps (@AdamTemps) June 19, 2018

It's amazing what home crowd support, team spirit, and fear of assassination for you and your loved ones can do for performance. #RUSEGY

— Pundamentalism (@Pundamentalism) June 19, 2018

everyone in egypt after making fun of saudi arabia #RUSEGY #مصر_روسيا pic.twitter.com/9krR0qqdDJ

— hana | هنا (@yeagerbros) June 19, 2018

Museveni we have 3 goals now, you can let River Nile flow again #RUSEGY pic.twitter.com/up1SixjHQP

— sotrixbax (@sotrixbax) June 19, 2018

who else thinks this Russian team is playing on gun point 😂#RUSEGY pic.twitter.com/z2cbktLhIR

— Jeremiah Ainebyona (@jerryjones99) June 19, 2018

Trying to figure out how Russia have suddenly got so good 🤔 #RUSEGY pic.twitter.com/CCAVqkZDQF

— The Vimto Kid (@AlexWatt187) June 19, 2018

Egyptian defense today…#RUSEGY pic.twitter.com/7rxUgeRU6J

— Boring… (@graphicalcomic) June 19, 2018

Dimitrov you can now release the Egyptian families. pic.twitter.com/knL1oDBTnm

— BIG_CHIEF (@Ismailbwayo) June 19, 2018

I somehow blame Sergio Ramos for all of this #RUSEGY pic.twitter.com/RabepD45tf

— Misanthropic Misandrist (@luciaralepobe) June 19, 2018



They call this the ‘group of death’ as at least 3 of the teams in it risk being lined up against a wall and shot if they are knocked out #RUSEGY

— Minister for Aldi Culture (@FCTwenteBenson) June 19, 2018

Doesn't seem suspicious that VAR didn't pick up that shirt grabbing/dragging down in the box? Just Putin it out there…#RUSEGY

— Wet Ass (Big) Pussy Bonpensiero (@KiwiPie74) June 19, 2018

#EGY It's khamun home. It's khamun home. It's Tutankhamun home. #bbcworldcup #worldcup #RUSEGY pic.twitter.com/eQ79nrhw0d

— shaun jeffries (@jeffriesxu) June 19, 2018

Putin visits the VAR control centre #RUSEGY pic.twitter.com/NfhqzbV5Xx

— Football Burp ⚽ (@FootballBurp) June 19, 2018

i know we’re losing but i’ve been waiting to use this Mo Salah meme all week so….. GGOOOOOAAAAALLL LETS GO #EGY #RUSEGY pic.twitter.com/ZrLpLzTBwx

— abdul (@Advil) June 19, 2018

Salah carrying the hopes & expectations of entire Nation…#RUSEGY pic.twitter.com/PWeMon3aa6

— Boring… (@graphicalcomic) June 19, 2018