The best jokes from over-hyped Monday night Liverpool 0-0 Manchester United

Big match live turned out to be a bit of a disappointment.

There were lots of jokes from Liverpool 0-0 Manchester United while everyone was bored on Monday night
This guy was looking forward to the game

A desperately dull Monday night was spent by many a football fan watching Liverpool 0-0 Manchester United, the much-publicised big match live on Sky that turned out to be a bit of a disappointment – and these are the best jokes from the game.

A once formidable United were now reduced to showing a distinct lack of ambition at Anfield under new manager José Mourinho who managed to stifle the game to his side’s advantage.

As a subdued couple of days of Premier League action brings this gameweek to a close, here are the best of the jokes from Liverpool 0-0 Manchester United:

Think I would have preferred Gary and Jamie on their own, but it's not the first time Ryan Giggs has ruined a lovely couple. #LIVMUN

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) October 17, 2016

@BigSportGB @Stevecathutch In Liverpool he is

— Bill (@DarloBill) October 17, 2016

BREAKING: Zlatan's free-kick has landed! #LIVMUN pic.twitter.com/ueYhkHVt4n

— BenchWarmers (@BeWarmers) October 17, 2016

When you daydream about the time you were once a good football player… #LIVMUN pic.twitter.com/xprY2ljKJi

— Yoda (@OnlyYoda) October 17, 2016

Wayne Rooney promoting the new Winter Collection pic.twitter.com/6g6S5jtZx6

— Football Hub (@RealFootballHub) October 17, 2016

Whenever Loris Karius tries to catch a ball… #LIVMUN pic.twitter.com/7dqWJw88jg

— UNILAD Football (@UNILADFooty) October 17, 2016

When you're supposed to be asleep and you're mum walks upstairs pic.twitter.com/8rFsebLa4p

— ㅤ (@DoseOfRashford) October 17, 2016

For just £1 a month you can prevent this vulnerable child from sleeping on the streets. #LIVMUN pic.twitter.com/VWhfCZuXMU

— ㅤ (@Beardamendi) October 17, 2016

First half highlights.. #LIVMUN pic.twitter.com/oZ9RgPZzWS

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) October 17, 2016

If Mourinho directed Die Hard it'd be 90 minutes of Bruce Willis hiding in a cupboard, then applauding his tactics for not getting shot.

— Nick Pettigrew (@Nick_Pettigrew) October 17, 2016

Man of the match #LIVMUN #2pl pic.twitter.com/qVv1lp8vcC

— Steinar Aarsland (@s_aarsland) October 17, 2016

Daniel Sturridge absolutely hates kick offs because it means he has to pass to someone #LIVMUN

— UNILAD Football (@UNILADFooty) October 17, 2016

It may be a law of football that the bigger the build-up, the more boring the game #LIVMUN

— David Baddiel (@Baddiel) October 17, 2016

What this game needs…#LIVMUN pic.twitter.com/p2MQD7k7kl

— Bleacher Report UK (@br_uk) October 17, 2016

I've just had one of the best 90 minute sleeps of my life.#LIVMUN

— Hacker T Dog (@CBBC_Hacker) October 17, 2016

English football's most successful clubs are showing why they are meeting on a Monday night in Champions League week

— Glenn Moore (@GlennMoore7) October 17, 2016

De Gea with stronger wrists than a 13-year-old who's just got his very first laptop. #LIVMUN

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) October 17, 2016

Dougal: Didn't you tell me once that Father Jack had a trial for Liverpool?

Ted: No… no, he was on trial, in Liverpool. #LIVMUN pic.twitter.com/XDOeaAucpz

— BenchWarmers (@BeWarmers) October 17, 2016

Imagine signing Pogba and Zlatan and then playing like a 2009 version of Stoke City.

— DoctorBenjyFM / Ben (@DoctorBenjy) October 17, 2016

"We'll be a feared, attacking side once more under Mourinho" pic.twitter.com/C9foWLT8OH

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) October 17, 2016

Sky hype it, Mourinho spoils it.
Sunrise, sunset.

— Andrew Beasley (@BassTunedToRed) October 17, 2016

Huh. So *this* is what being a fan of the team Mourinho is managing in games like this feels like.

— Paul (@UtdRantcast) October 17, 2016

You can't spell Mourinho without two O's. 0-0 #PointMan

— Kyle Martino (@kylemartino) October 17, 2016

If that match had a face….#LIVMUN pic.twitter.com/sp4xBkMukH

— Fr Dougal McGuire (@DougalMacGuire) October 17, 2016

"Mourinho's return will be great for the Prem" pic.twitter.com/NaDgOCaFLh

— Chris Dixon (@chrismd10) October 17, 2016


— Coral (@Coral) October 17, 2016

If you missed the Liverpool – Manchester United game tonight, here are the best bits #LIVMUN pic.twitter.com/7XaOBG9H0O

— Mr Geoff Peters (@mrgeoffpeters) October 17, 2016

If #LFC are going to challenge for league, we really need to find a way to break down these small clubs who play 8 across the back #LIVMUN

— Julian Lee (@Julian_Lee76) October 17, 2016

Mourinho could get a 0-0 in NBA.

— M (@ScholesEsque) October 17, 2016

Mourinho wishes soccer was played with a lead ball

— Brandon McCarthy (@BMcCarthy32) October 17, 2016

David De Gea tonight pic.twitter.com/8HJvoe8gIN

— Football Tweets (@FutballTweets) October 17, 2016

Can't for the life of me think why Sky Sports' viewing figures have slumped by 19% #LIVMUN

— Ben Rumsby (@ben_rumsby) October 17, 2016

The new Anfield camera angle makes it feel like you're playing FIFA 17. pic.twitter.com/SHEphKVMiP

— TheSPORTbible (@TSBible) October 17, 2016

When you realise you're playing actual defenders and not farmers from Ligue 1… pic.twitter.com/UWXDtKbxJt

— TheODDSbible (@TheOddsBible) October 17, 2016

Let us never speak of Red Monday ever again. #LIVMUN

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) October 17, 2016