The best jokes from Iran 0-1 Spain as VAR disallows equaliser and throw-in goes wrong

Initial celebrations cut short.

Milad Mohammadi's throw-in went wrong and formed the basis for many jokes from Iran 0-1 Spain at World Cup Russia 2018
MADE A MESS OF THAT: Milad Mohammadi (Image: Twitter/Zaahid Bahadur)

Spain ensured qualification from Group B at Russia 2018 with a narrow win over Iran on Wednesday night.

Diego Costa scored the only goal of the game, netting a somewhat fortuitous rebound on 54 minutes in the face of a valiant defensive effort.

But VAR was to play a significant role again when an equaliser for the Iranians was disallowed for offside after some initial celebrations.

Another major talking point was Milad Mohammadi’s attempt at an acrobatic throw-in with not long left to play, which the Iran defender chose to abort at the last moment.

These were the best of the tweets and jokes from Iran 0-1 Spain:

Spain has had 127% possession at the end of the first half. #IRAESP

— Indranil Das Blah (@indranildasblah) June 20, 2018

#IRAESP I'll sum it up for you: iran building the wall trump wishes he could build, spain getting extremely frustrated because they can't do anything against 10 defenders , and de gea having dinner with the fans then taking a nap.

— Alex (@alex8oa) June 20, 2018

Maybe somebody can run one of these out to De Gea in time for the second half. #IRAESP #WorldCup pic.twitter.com/JSmfRt02Jt

— Mike Beauvais (@MikeBeauvais) June 20, 2018

Iran should be reported to FIFA #IRAESP pic.twitter.com/Req4LZErX3

— i_keyz (@Iyke_9th) June 20, 2018

I wonder if Iran has a booming film industry cuz all these players are actors. #IRAESP

— Cynthia Adarkwa (@cynteeeahh) June 20, 2018


This ref.. #IRASPA #IRAESP pic.twitter.com/ZtUOT1ByFF

— Shahan (@Shahan919) June 20, 2018


When your mum asks if you want a pizza for dinner and then tells you there's one in the freezer #WorldCup pic.twitter.com/c0JTarULO4

— Goal (@goal) June 20, 2018

I LOVE/HATE VAR (please remove accordingly dependent on result) #IRAESP

— Tom Rawle (@trawle91) June 20, 2018




How this year’s #WorldCup will be remembered… #IRAESP #WorldCup18 pic.twitter.com/qsbBvU8bFO

— Elliot Gonzalez (@elliot_gonzalez) June 20, 2018

That’s so unlucky. Iran couldn’t have Khomeini closer to scoring #IRNSPA

— Neal Underwood (@neal_sousbois) June 20, 2018


"Diego Costa looks like he came straight out of the Flinstones."#IRAESP

— Airton (@BruhDawg) June 20, 2018

them: What's wrong?
me:#worldcup #IRAESP pic.twitter.com/zOaf9q8LtJ

— Sascha (@saschawh) June 20, 2018

Iranian women are welcome in English stadiums ✌️❤️ #IRAESP pic.twitter.com/50JKrUYC3U

— WILLY NICHOLLS (@NichollsNick) June 20, 2018

Onnnnnly joking. #iran #IRAESP #IRASPA #RussiaWorldCup2018 #RussiaWorldCup pic.twitter.com/yA5ivz0M0l

— Matt Shovlar (@MattS_14) June 20, 2018

Replay of that Iran throw-in #IRNSPA pic.twitter.com/PUzALElWpQ

— Football Burp ⚽ (@FootballBurp) June 20, 2018


Wow! I've just found out if you turn the sound down on #IRNSPA your headache goes away.

— Jill (@Scotwriter) June 20, 2018


#IRNESP? Nah, we prefer #IRNSPA 💆‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/3hkzGWqHrL

— IRN-BRU (@irnbru) June 20, 2018


I watched a few minutes of tonights game and than I did what any sane person would do: Iran. #IRASPA #IRNSPA #IRNESP

— Evert Kwok (@evertkwok) June 20, 2018