A fan lights his cigarette with a flaming wallet during Iran v Spain
(Image: Twitter/Onion Bubs)

VIDEO: Man lights cigarette with flaming wallet at Iran v Spain

Footage baffles viewers.


Was watching the #IRAESP game on Fox Sports, then this happened.#FIFA #OhGoodLordSon pic.twitter.com/isMU35prIS

— OwOnion (@OnionBubs1) June 20, 2018

TV coverage of Iran v Spain at the World Cup cut to a fan in the stands lighting a cigarette with what appears to be a flaming wallet.

The baffling footage shows a man casually opening a leather wallet and somehow eliciting from it a disarmingly large flame, which he uses to light up.

Spain won a tight encounter 1-0 thanks to Diego Costa’s third goal of the tournament.