The best jokes from France 2-1 Romania, opening game of Euro 2016

Hosts clinch dramatic late win after stunning Payet strike.

The man clapping at the Stade de France probably loves the jokes from France 2-1 Romania at Euro 2016
BEGAN: Euro 2016 (Image: Flickr/Eric Page)

Relive the entire opening match of Euro 2016 with this huge selection of the best jokes from France 2-1 Romania as it happened.

A header from Olivier Giroud put the hosts in front not too long after half-time, but the Romanians were able to level the scores through a Bogdan Stancu penalty just eight minutes later.

However the French clinched three points after a stunning late strike from midfielder Dimitri Payet, who wept tears of joy as he left the pitch at the Stade de France on Friday night.

After a dramatic end to the first game of Euro 2016, these were the best jokes from France 2-1 Romania:

Just saw the Romanian lineup. No sign of Gheorghe Hagi. Injured? WTF? #FRAvROM

— Colm Tobin (@colmtobin) 10 June 2016

Hurray the footballs on said the soprano digging the husband shaped hole under the patio. #EURO2016

— Rebecca Caine (@RebeccaCaine) 10 June 2016

Starting up front for France tonight #EURO2016

— Rylan Clark-Neal (@Rylan) 10 June 2016

Love the fact that France have been written off in the first 4 minutes of the tournament by the ITV commentary team..#EURO2016

— Tony Taylor® (@Tad690) 10 June 2016

Bars from the commentator "France shaken, are they stirred" #EURO2016

— ℓ3ahpar (@l3ahpar) 10 June 2016

There hasn't been a better save all tournament than that from Lloris #EURO2016

— James Welham (@WelhamOfficial) 10 June 2016

Of course, France have had trouble with defence since 1940 #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/C0ynSMZm2Q

— ohchrisburton (@ohchrisburton) 10 June 2016

Didn't realise my ex was playing in #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/55e9Qcbf6G

— Charmaine; x (@ChampsAFC) 10 June 2016

Footballers should be docked wages if their corner can't clear the first man #Euro2016

— Proudiola (@ProudieYT) 10 June 2016

I really like this French team but am slightly torn because how much I appreciate my Romanian barber. #euro2016

— Danny Karbassiyoon (@dkarbassiyoon) 10 June 2016

What colour are Les Bleus playing in? #Euro2016

— Stephen Mangan (@StephenMangan) 10 June 2016

After watching the first 15 minutes of France play I can confirm we are not going to win #EURO2016 #goodwhileitlasted

— Josh Widdicombe (@joshwiddicombe) 10 June 2016

Footballers in odd boots. If you want to run around looking like a clown, go join the circus. #EURO2016

— Alistair Coleman (@alistaircoleman) 10 June 2016

Great when you see the young players you've nurtured through Championship Manager come good. #EURO2016

— Gary Sullivan (@gs11) 10 June 2016

It's kAnte, not kOnte you kUnte!! #EURO2016

— Matthew Bateman (@MatthewB1979) 10 June 2016

As a mark of respect, #EURO2016 will pause at 20:30 for #gardenersworld.

— Godfrey Youth (@GodfreyYouth) 10 June 2016

Frogs 0-0 Benifit cheats #TriffikUpdate #EURO2016

— ARRY REDKNOBB ™ (@MrREDKNOBB) 10 June 2016

Some say when N'Golo Kante lost his virginity, he won it back. #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/IEl8Fxdtbi

— Not Match of the Day (@NOT_MOTD) 10 June 2016

How is this only 25 minutes in? It feels like they've been playing for two hours. #euro2016

— MostDeaf (@SnoozeActive) 10 June 2016

Benzema would've scored by now. These man need to stop beefing over pain au chocolat and just play their best players #EURO2016

— #BWIGM (@JamzLdn) 10 June 2016

I wonder if the Romanian fans have a Grigorian chant? #EURO2016

— Howard Goodall (@Howard_Goodall) 10 June 2016

Mexican wave going around the stadium, no place for that in football. #Euro2016

— Matt White (@Matt_CAFC) 10 June 2016

Mexican waves should be a tear gas offence #EURO2016

— Eric Lalor (@ericlalor) 10 June 2016

Hello darkness my old friend ( @Benzema) #Euro2016 #FRA pic.twitter.com/EV1Qu60lmR

— Bleacher Report UK (@br_uk) 10 June 2016

FREE HUG #FraRou pic.twitter.com/Bl05DDAaYv

— Golden Moustache (@goldenmoustache) 10 June 2016

Took 30 minutes for the camera man to zoom in on a woman with wazzo jugs. Longer than I expected! #EURO2016

— The Jess (@jhavfc) 10 June 2016

I only recognise one of the Romanian players. And that's only due to the fact he once did some plumbing for me ! #EURO2016

— john (@jcw_72) 10 June 2016

It's been 5-years since Vlad Chiricheș starred in Inbetweeners the movie! #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/yB0xDg6L38

— Sunday League Footy (@SundayChants) 10 June 2016

I honestly wouldn't doubt that Dimitri Payet could take a free kick with an IKEA meatball and still find the top corner. #EURO2016

— Chris Millington (@ChrisJohnMilly) 10 June 2016

Some say when N'Golo Kante lost his virginity he went and won it back #EURO2016 

— ✨Mo Sohail YNWA✨ (@1980Sohail) 10 June 2016

I like a nice whiskey , but this 1957 Glennhoddle is sending me to sleep #EURO2016

— Alistair Coleman (@alistaircoleman) 10 June 2016

Things that people who don't usually watch football say.
'I want the blue team to win'#Euro2016

— MJD (@MikeObiWan84) 10 June 2016

Half an hour into #EURO2016 I wonder how many girls ain't got a text back?

— FRANKIE (@frankiefulya) 10 June 2016

0-0 at half time you say? #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/xF88XN0UFi

— BreatheSport (@BreatheSport) 10 June 2016

#EURO2016 the best player so far was david guetta's mp3-player

— krautsider (@krautsider) 10 June 2016

Hey #Euro2016, what's your favourite colour Skittle? pic.twitter.com/woxcBh6ygo

— Damien Cross (@DC_F1) 10 June 2016

This is what I'm expecting in the second half. #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/EvyJvAOxvM

— Felix. (@WittyGooner) 10 June 2016

Slavan's trousers are very fancy #EURO2016 #itvsport pic.twitter.com/LgHIyqtFLI

— Matt Hennessey (@MattHennessey69) 10 June 2016

Hang on a minute did Slavan Bilic just say "f*ck me" on TV? #EURO2016 #itvsport @ITVSport pic.twitter.com/syO4SEkgbh

— Ryan Arnold (@RyanArnoldUK) 10 June 2016

Not so great from the man up top…#EURO2016 #FRA #ROU #FRAROU pic.twitter.com/qI3A0F83XO

— Onefootball (@Onefootball) 10 June 2016

Don't think #FRA will be too happy if things Ro-main this way. Ahem. #Euro2016 pic.twitter.com/e6jWlkGRdp

— icelollyholiday (@icelollyholiday) 10 June 2016

Poor guy wanted number 15 so bad. #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/AJhCNz7faX

— Redondo (@RedondoMusicNL) 10 June 2016

When you take an escort to the Euros #EURO2016 #FRAvROM pic.twitter.com/RYpUoNXLa0

— Chris Waters (@WatersCJ) 10 June 2016

Scheduled tweet: Giroud misses another chance to score. #EURO2016

— Complex Sports (@Complex_Sports) 10 June 2016

Martial sitting on the bench watching Giroud miss chance after chance like… #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/AP8m7HgCI0

— Devils of United (@DevilsOfUnited) 10 June 2016

Combined age of France's back four: 128.
Chances missed by Giroud tonight: 128.
Coincidence? #EURO2016 #FraudWatch pic.twitter.com/5FZe37DlTy

— 90min (@90min_Football) 10 June 2016

You know there's a problem when the worst opening ceremony in history was more exciting than the game itself #EURO2016

— glenn sherwin (@glennsherwin18) 10 June 2016

Just yelled "SPREAD IT" at the screen in a thick African accent. I am now my dad. #EURO2016

— Carl Anka (@Ankaman616) 10 June 2016

Are gel-assisted headers allowed? #EURO2016

— Tom Sutcliffe (@tds153) 10 June 2016

Best goal of the tournament so far #fra #EURO2016

— (((Brian Hughes))) (@b_m_hughes) 10 June 2016

Giroud right now. #EURO2016 https://t.co/xGTMu1yxmN

— ㅤ (@Beardamendi) 10 June 2016

I bang models
I bang my wife
I bang goals
What more do you want #Euro2016 pic.twitter.com/f8GiXY2jhC

— Mr.CoolAsYouLike (@PanmanSAYS) 10 June 2016

Do you think this man has time for haters? #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/ypRG175wge

— Carl Anka (@Ankaman616) 10 June 2016

Things not to ask your boyfriend: Are France playing in blue or yellow? #EURO2016 ;)

— Catherine Kelliher (@kitty_kelliher) 10 June 2016

Pogboom #Euro2016 https://t.co/L2A5h5mXdJ

— Pepp 'o pazz (@pepromano) 10 June 2016

Straight to WH Smith mate. Pen #FRAROU

— Craig Mitch (@CraigxMitch) 10 June 2016

Stancu very much #EURO2016

— Iain Davidson (@SnideRogue) 10 June 2016

Froggys 1-1 Benifit cheats #TriffikUpdate #EURO2016

— ARRY REDKNOBB ™ (@MrREDKNOBB) 10 June 2016

Trying to explain the last 15 minutes. #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/teLLrL2TKZ

— Free Bets (@freebetscouk) 10 June 2016

Coincidence a snail appeared on our window and then France scored? I think not. #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/1e2DvupS21

— Kirsty (@LFCKirstyLFC) 10 June 2016

The Romanian players look like really fast Nesquik chocolate milk bottles. #EURO2016

— Patti Murin (@PattiMurin) 10 June 2016

: Am I going to have to watch this all night?

: No, you're going to have to watch this for three weeks. #EURO2016

— Jim Nugent (@JimJimNugent) 10 June 2016

All them Romanians will be straight to Calais after the match waiting for a lorry #EURO2016

— Funny Tweets (@FunnyThingsUK) 10 June 2016

Not being funny but #socceraid was more entertaining than this… #EURO2016

— scouseweegian (@Jennibopscouse) 10 June 2016

Worst tournament ever. #EURO2016

— Zlatant (@FattusAntus) 10 June 2016

Boxing better than football. Don't @ me#EURO2016

— KO KINGS (@KOKINGS4) 10 June 2016

Half Time

France 0
Romania 0
Cameraman 2#FRA #ROU #Euro2016 pic.twitter.com/05QwcFpdp8

— RMadrid Babe (@RMadridBabe) 10 June 2016

Imagine getting paid to be a football tournament cameraman pervert #EURO2016

— Kerrie Wilkinson (@KerrieWilkinson) 10 June 2016

Stancu who plays for mid-table Turkish outfit Genclerbirligi has equalised for #ROU against #FRA #Euro2016 pic.twitter.com/QqYfeCiiJA

— Turkish-Football.com (@Turkish_Futbol) 10 June 2016

That’s something I’ve never seen before… A Bogdan looking confident in the penalty area… #EURO2016

— James (@Jubleee) 10 June 2016

Popa, don't preach. #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/ZMxOgotfk2

— Zlatant (@FattusAntus) 10 June 2016

When your bet suddenly gets interesting… #Euro2016 pic.twitter.com/CjXAinNE70

— Sarah Q. Eaglesfield (@zenxv) 10 June 2016

When your girl comes to watch you play #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/9Q62Bdvvt2

— Joshua Emmanuel (@big_man_joshy) 10 June 2016

Is this guy not a Pokemon? #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/4PHLFbtxAJ

— Kenny Stewart (@Kenny__Stewart) 10 June 2016

Chipciu, I choose YOU. #EURO2016 #FRAROU

— Jack G. King (@Jack_TheJobber) 10 June 2016

That moment your boss catches you chilling at work and you have to pretend you're actually working #EURO2016 #France pic.twitter.com/zT3M3Hvo1u

— jaketilleyyy (@jaketilleyyy) 10 June 2016

McDonald's giving the players what they want. #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/2wDwt54XGa

— Glen Bartlett (@glenbartlett) 10 June 2016

Last time France were surprised by the underdog was back in Waterloo #EURO2016

— Zak. (@legendofchelsea) 10 June 2016

If France doesn't win… #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/q9tBXxJOa0

— c (@tookesmalik) 10 June 2016

Shoutout to France for making me doubt all my Euro 16 predictions less than 84 minutes into the tournament. #EURO2016

— Ray Bradshaw (@comedyray) 10 June 2016

Been told to calm down or the TV is getting turned off #Romania #EURO2016

— Lucozade Powerleague (@powerleagueUK) 10 June 2016

It took my sister 80 minutes to realize that I was watching #EURO2016 not playing Fifa

— Waleed Tahir (@waleedtahir00) 10 June 2016

The French Harry Potter concentrates, and works his most miraculous spell. #EURO2016 #FRAvROM pic.twitter.com/LjPPrXR5Cy

— Philip Nolan (@philipnolan1) 10 June 2016

That'll make the montage #Payet #EURO2016

— Sam Homewood (@SamHomewood) 10 June 2016

Dimitri is no longer a terrible name. #EURO2016

— LeanderAlphabet (@LeanderAlphabet) 10 June 2016

Beautiful goal! Glenn Hoddle: "Everyone in the stadium is standing…except for the Romanian fans." #EURO2016

— Ray-Ray (@Ray_McRobbie) 10 June 2016

When the year 7's would try and push infront of you in the dinner line #Euro2016 https://t.co/NE8pOb8mu7

— Josh (@J_ASmith17) 10 June 2016

Need to go jump in the shower after that filthy strike #Payet #EURO2016

— Sean McCafferty (@sean_mccaffers) 10 June 2016

Payet crying at the thought of playing for West Ham again next season after such a meteoric rise. #FRAROU

— Jonathan Johnson (@Jon_LeGossip) 10 June 2016

Payet's going to be inconsolable if he scores the winner in the final.

— kelly_welles (@kelly_welles) 10 June 2016

Dmitri Payet's goal got me like… #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/8FHusOkvPY

— ㅤ☄ (@LiverpoolLegacy) 10 June 2016

That's one French strike I think anyone would welcome. #FRA #EURO2016

— Ben Rumsby (@ben_rumsby) 10 June 2016

Can someone tell Glenn Hoddle that, because his words are coming out of his own mouth, he doesn't have to keep saying "for me". #EURO2016

— Tom Hallett (@thomashallett) 10 June 2016

Count Dracula,Georgy Hagi,The Cheeky Girls(touch my bum). Your boys took one hell of a beating! #EURO2016

— Mel O'Reilly (@MelOreilly1970) 10 June 2016

It begins. #FRA #Euro2016 pic.twitter.com/XJWRLaZkB9

— Bleacher Report UK (@br_uk) 10 June 2016

France fans right now… #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/O1bgShpUUS

— TheFootballRepublic (@TheFootballRep) 10 June 2016

Don't delay, fill in those wallcharts THE SECOND the game is over #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/KMIeT5bGx6

— Matthew Baldwin (@MattRhys63) 10 June 2016

For some reason I'm seeing the RTE #EURO2016 panel heading off to France in Barbie's camper van. pic.twitter.com/GIGeiA9Vna

— Nick McGivney (@nmcgivney) 10 June 2016

Bilic's trousers are mental #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/thf001utMj

— Gaz (@Gaz2Putt) 10 June 2016

#EURO2016 just watched #ROU in the opening game now I feel like some custard pic.twitter.com/JMNw6pr8vq

— Terry Rowe (@rowe_tc) 10 June 2016

I have just had my wedding ring stolen by angry Romanians as I tried to exit the stadium! Not happy! #Euro2016

— Grant Castles (@GrantCastlesFEN) 10 June 2016

Adele aired the #EURO2016 match during her concert! I didn't know she liked football… I mean she is fat pic.twitter.com/f0BqntbFeV

— Sullen Boy (@Fighter_Pride) 10 June 2016

Taking in the #views of the #FRA celebrations like… #Euro2016 pic.twitter.com/SYFTqiavU4

— Bleacher Report UK (@br_uk) 10 June 2016

Who was your star of the show tonight? #Euro2016 ⚽️

— Iceland Foods (@IcelandFoods) 10 June 2016