The best England Supporters Band jokes after Euro 2016 paperwork issue

Almost denied access to stadiums amid heightened security in France.

There were mean England Supporters Band jokes after a Euro 2016 paperwork security mix-up
SECURITY CONCERN: England band (Image: )

After a delayed paperwork issue almost denies them access to Euro 2016 stadiums this summer, here are the best of the England Supporters Band jokes.

Reports that the FA had failed to request access for the group amidst tightened security measures at the tournament in France emerged on Thursday.

However these were denied by English football’s governing body and the band will be able to go to matches after UEFA approved the request.

Grumbling fans made England Supporters Band jokes on Twitter before the musicians’ eventually confirmed appearance at Euro 2016:

England's #EURO2016 starts on a positive note: FA paperwork delays mean that dreadful band won't be allowed to take instruments into games.

— Nick Szczepanik (@NickSzczepanik) June 9, 2016

"I love the England band" – no one, not even the spouses of the band members

— keewa (@keewa) June 9, 2016

This unfolding England Band saga has only one outcome: double-pager in The Sun of them, with their trombones, Looking Sad and Disappointed.

— Adam Hurrey (@FootballCliches) June 9, 2016

the england supporters band is just another reason the EU should be looking to expel us, rather than the other way round

— Thomas Bagnall (@kid_smoke) June 9, 2016

You have to sort of begrudgingly applaud the England band. Absolutely despised by everyone but they keep going. Like a musical Robert Mugabe

— Michael Jones (@M_Jones_82) June 9, 2016

Breaking News: England Supporters' Band to play John Coltrane free jazz set during opening match.

— Dave Turner (@mrdaveturner) June 9, 2016

The utter shamelessness of the England supporters band is astounding. Hated by 99.9% of fans but they will never turn down a freebie.

— Highbury Harry (@BlackScarfAFC) June 9, 2016

I don't advocate violence but surely it wouldn't take much of a whip-round to get all of the England band's arms cut off.

— David Preece (@davidpreece12) June 9, 2016

Today I learned that some people are actually pro the England band which came as a genuine shock to me.

— Paul (@UtdRantcast) June 9, 2016

Time the England fans turned on the band…Fancy paying all that money and time to be stuck in front of or behind them playing their 3 tunes

— The Rams Collection (@dcfccollection) June 9, 2016

@henrywinter Hasn't France suffered enough?

— Bob (@Gruffexterior) June 9, 2016

"Let's start a petition to get the England band to the Euro's"

No one said. Ever.

— Keenos (@KeenosAFC) June 9, 2016