More Euro 2016 jokes as excitement builds following first game

Euro fever sets in as opening night finishes.

There were more Euro 2016 jokes as excitement built following the first game in France

There were more Euro 2016 jokes after the first game of the tournament followed an opening ceremony last night and now everyone is very excited about watching the competition progress.

Fans were treated to a David Guetta show as well as a dramatic late finish to the opening game in France and won’t want to miss the England clash later amid reports of trouble involving some supporters in Marseille.

As everything finally kicks-off, with three games scheduled for today, don’t miss the latest Euro 2016 jokes:

i'm no soccer crack but i think the winner of the #EURO2016 will be usain bolt. he's really good at dunks and interceptions n stuff

— krautsider (@krautsider) 10 June 2016

With the kickoff, employers around the country weep as productivity drops for the rest of the month starting now. #EURO2016

— Chris P. (@NYCFCfan) 10 June 2016

Football yeah? #euro2016 pic.twitter.com/zjBa5sau9T

— Modern Toss (@ModernToss) 10 June 2016

Times like this I wish I was still unemployed. #EURO2016

— Sam Avery (@samaverycomedy) 10 June 2016

#Euro2016 is underway and the British teams are still in!

— VeryBritishProblems (@SoVeryBritish) 10 June 2016

There are apparently 51 matches in #EURO2016. I plan to ask Pete to explain the offside rule again in every one of them ;)

— Catherine Kelliher (@kitty_kelliher) 10 June 2016

In terms of predictions, as long as the Islamic State don't end this tournament as winners I'll be happy enough. #EURO2016

— Fintan O'Toolbox (@FintanOToolbox) 10 June 2016

When you at #EURO2016 opening game and hear someone shout Allahu akbar pic.twitter.com/5J8586EnJ0

— Ghost✞ (@Ghostingxo) 10 June 2016

Simulate being in Paris for the #EURO2016 by turning up your TV while your family overcharge you for food & treat you with utter distain 😜

— Jim Sheridan (@Jim_Sheridan) 10 June 2016

I think Leicester will win again

— Fancy Nancy (@ClareMBrown1) 10 June 2016

I'm not going to make an announcement on my club future till after this tournament #EURO2016

— David O'Doherty (@phlaimeaux) 10 June 2016

Things to shout at TV to show people you understand football:

— innocent drinks (@innocent) 10 June 2016

When are Australia playing?#EURO2016

— Robin Holley (@robagain) 10 June 2016

What we think of Mexican waves #Eng #Euro2016 https://t.co/eQX5hRTiJj

— Chris (@sir_cornflake) 10 June 2016

Delighted #Euro2016 has finally arrived #FRAvROM. I remember Euro1976 when Czechoslovakia won in Yugoslavia. Neither country exists now.

— Greg Hands (@GregHands) 10 June 2016

#EURO2016 rules ….. pic.twitter.com/h2fXw0lI2e

— Craig Munro (@Fankledoose) 10 June 2016

When your mom calls during #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/b9jrOrwj8n

— Bill the Butcher (@NotBTB) 10 June 2016

Hey Greece, are you playing in #EURO2016 ?
Oh! Why?
We thought € 2016 was the entry fee.

— Ramesh Srivats (@rameshsrivats) 10 June 2016

The security services in France are on high alert after hearing the ISIS have also been training for #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/Hj3mdbkcb0

— SPORTS IDOTS (@Sports_idiots) 10 June 2016

Not all superheroes wear capes #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/Hp0nbUFIx0

— JEMEL [JOF] (@JemelOneFive) 10 June 2016

@sidlowe You know one thing #EURO2016 is already missing? Gazprom.

— Chris Strachan (@calanstrachan) 10 June 2016

Eurowidows everywhere #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/iV2HRkRCzO

— Jaime-Leigh Paley (@JaimeLeighPaley) 10 June 2016

I don't care about #EURO2016 because the last time I cared about a big sporting event Voldemort returned and Cedric Diggory died

— Hogwarts Logic (@HogwartsLogic) 10 June 2016

Teams bottom of their groups in #EURO2016 will automatically be entered into next years #EFLTrophy

— Mark James (@markjamestattoo) 10 June 2016

#Euro2016 My prediction is that Ukraine will be knocked out in the group stage but then come back to win the championships on the phone vote

— Hilary Evans (@OlympicStatman) 10 June 2016

Who do you think will win the #EURO2016 ?

— Faruk Sabanci (@faruksabanci) 10 June 2016

french people into the #EURO2016 way too much, we acting like it's the World Cup bruv😂

— ✨lil shawty✨ (@bbgnessy) 10 June 2016

Nelly the psychic Elephant predicts Germany will win its opening match over Ukraine in #EURO2016. Thoughts? pic.twitter.com/XXVUQIP3LY

— AJ+ (@ajplus) 10 June 2016

Boxing better than football. Don't @ me#EURO2016

— KO KINGS (@KOKINGS4) 10 June 2016

You just got to Love the Irish.#IRE #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/siwC3Qbgcj

— BYANYMEANSNECESSARY (@1LaneOnly) 10 June 2016

I've now got more pictures of Taras Stepanenko than I have of my own kids! #Ukr #EURO2016 #gotgotneed pic.twitter.com/5ErcilCduk

— Ian Hooper (@I_Hoops) 10 June 2016

Roy couldn't pick Purin for #EURO2016 .. he's Japanese lol pic.twitter.com/D39KpBYMRH

— animal crackers (@AN1MALCRACKERS) 10 June 2016

Me, during #EURO2016 ⚽️#Eng pic.twitter.com/4GtMVkkI5h

— Jo (@pimpmytweeting) 10 June 2016

Don't care if it's the Euros, or that it's in France. Criminal that they've dropped the "Brazil, Braziiiiiillllll" #EURO2016

— Stuart Davis (@stu_1512) 10 June 2016

#EURO2016 and chill?

— George Alissandratos (@G_Alissandratos) 10 June 2016

Mood all #EURO2016 #RUS pic.twitter.com/DM6WRF4j0f

— Amena ☄ (@a__y1993) 10 June 2016

Thomas can't wait for #EURO2016 to start! Can you tell? 😁 pic.twitter.com/iwHIgZptNW

— FC Bayern US (@FCBayernUS) 10 June 2016

OFFICIAL: now impossible to walk more than 10 metres in Paris without hearing "Will Grigg's on fire." #euro2016  #NIR

— John Bennett (@JohnBennettBBC) 10 June 2016

"552 Guys 1 Cup" – rejected titles for the #EURO2016

— Colin Chadwick (@colinchadwick) 10 June 2016

Everyone going mad on Twitter for #EURO2016 and I'm just like pic.twitter.com/Xqx31NX2qa

— Adam (@iAdammm) 10 June 2016