The best jokes as title-hopefuls Leicester held to 2-2 draw by West Brom

Contributions from pleased Spurs fans and disappointed neutrals make for a mixed bag.

Tony Pulis love our selection of jokes as jokes as title-hopefuls Leicester are held to a 2-2 draw by his West Brom side
LOVING THE JOKES: Pulis (Image: IFCS – David Baumgartner)

These are the best jokes we could find as unexpected title-challengers Leicester City are held to a 2-2 draw by West Brom at the King Power on Tuesday night.

Contributions from pleased Spurs fans, who now see an opportunity to overtake the long-term leaders, as well as neutrals in the title race, many of whom seem to prefer Leicester, make for a mixed bag.

This is a selection of the best jokes following Leicester 2-2 West Brom:


— Footy Accumulators (@FootyAccums) 1 March 2016

Who let David Beckham play for West Brom in a Craig Gardner mask? That can't be allowed, surely?

— Dream Team (@dreamteamfc) March 1, 2016

West Brom are that team that everyone hates

— Anthony Martial (@MartialTheMan) March 1, 2016

Tony Pulis: destroyer of unlikely title bids 2014 & 2016

— Duncan Alexander (@oilysailor) 1 March 2016

I actually hate West Brom so much.

— Gavin (@GavlarLFC) March 1, 2016

Always liked West Brom, never said a bad thing about them in my life.

— Jake. (@YedIin) March 1, 2016

A title race can make you do the craziest things like pray to a 'God' or watch a match involving 'West Brom'

— Billie (@Billie_T) March 1, 2016

West Brom's goalie would have saved all the people when the Walls of Jericho were falling down.

— KATLEGO (@Prosper_Kaygsm) March 1, 2016

Spurs fans celebrating a West Brom draw like the 1991 cup final!

— Phil Kitromilides (@PhilKitro) March 1, 2016

Kinda respect West Brom's commitment to being massive, fun-ruining arseholes.

— Clonye Worst (@clonmacart) March 1, 2016

Imagine Leicester in the CL next season with their happy clappers playing against barca.

— Lauren (@LaurenWBA) 1 March 2016

Tony Pulis, ruining everyone's season there.

— Ian Doyle (@IanDoyleSport) 1 March 2016

Me right now, after i had been told all day that we would get thrashed by Leicester. #wba pic.twitter.com/dhKbhMPhx7

— Joe Gardner (@JoeGardner98) 1 March 2016

Your boyfriend is starting to feel slightly uneasy about the terrible book on Leicester's season he's been writing in his head tonight

— In the absence of se (@JackBaker1311) 1 March 2016

If it stays like this you can keep Berahino @WBAFCofficial

— Simply Spurs (@Simply_Spurs) 1 March 2016

Pochettino celebrates the Leicester result! https://t.co/lYeXxmkzyU

— Oddschecker (@Oddschecker) 1 March 2016

From North London to West Brom… pic.twitter.com/cg3rTYG9i5

— Copa90 (@Copa90) 1 March 2016