The best Leeds and Steve Evans jokes after 4-0 defeat at Brighton

Massimo Cellino reported left after first-half capitulation.

Many Leeds and Steve Evans jokes emerged after their 4-0 defeat in Brighton, perhaps from these fans
These fans had to go all the way back to Wales (Image: Jon Candy)

After their first-half capitulation in Brighton on Monday night, this is a selection of the best Leeds and Steve Evans jokes.

Leeds went in 4-0 down at the break after some dismal defending and were unable to recover as notorious boss Steve Evans recorded his heaviest defeat since being installed as manager in October.

BBC Sport report:

Evans was told not to speak to the media after the match by chairman Massimo Cellino, who left the ground at half-time.

A sorry state of affairs, these are the best Leeds and Steve Evans jokes after the 4-0 defeat to Brighton:

MISSING: Since 2001. Please RT to raise awareness. #lufc pic.twitter.com/EUyTWpImyf

— Mr Geldard (@MrJGeldard) February 29, 2016

Steve Evans would like to reassure you that Steve Evans is the right man for Leeds United and Steve Evans will take us up next year #lufc

— RightInTheGaryKellys (@RITGK) February 29, 2016

I hope Evans goes for a walk on the beach after the game, someone might harpoon him #lufc

— MrPaulRobinson (@MrPaulRobinson) February 29, 2016

Hahaha Leeds 4nil down and Steve Evans looks on with shock #lufc pic.twitter.com/S5Fes0M4yl

— NFFCfamily (@Nffcfamily) February 29, 2016

I see what Steve Evans was getting at. I could watch Leeds every week…!

— Robin Chipperfield (@sportchippers) February 29, 2016

Just turned over to Dumb and Dumber. It's less ridiculous than #lufc.

— Josh Halliday (@JoshHalliday) February 29, 2016

Steve Evans stood there already spending his pay off on an industrial size deep fat fryer.

— West Stand Bogs (@WestStandBogs) February 29, 2016

Hi @SkyHelpTeam can you help me? I have paid for the sports package but currently i am watching a comedy film on sky sports1HD? #lufc

— Shane Levitt (@SL110587) February 29, 2016

Steve Evans garden in 3 months time #lufc pic.twitter.com/GUrgXzvzkO

— Tommo (@LUFC1992) February 29, 2016

Can you imagine what's going through Steve Evans' mind right now?

"Pizza Hut. KFC. Fish & Chips. Is there a Dominos round here"

— thepinkponce (@thepinkponce) February 29, 2016

Steve Evans fuming on the touch line. #bhafc pic.twitter.com/xbKq9SABU2

— Ian Hine (@Hiney2708) February 29, 2016

Was meant to turn the volume up but I accidentally ripped the TV off the wall and threw it out the window #lufc

— General Shenanigans (@ardo90_LUFC) February 29, 2016

"Half time substitution for Leeds, replacing number 3 Sol Bamba is number 99 Steve Evans"

— Steve Freeth (@stevefreeth) February 29, 2016

Pretty sure this is coming in #lufc pic.twitter.com/6by36fIIvC

— Mags (@deadbloke) February 29, 2016

@bet365 odds on Steve Evans being sacked during HT?

— Sam Bird #CellinoOut (@Sam_LUFC_Bird) February 29, 2016

It would be brilliant if Steve Evans is sacked during half time & Cellino is on the sidelines during the second half 😂😂😂

— We Are Leeds (@weareleeds_) February 29, 2016

Rumours that Elland Road Boss Cellino is to sack Steve Evans and replace him with a new Chinese manager called Win One Soon

— barmyarmyuk (@barmyarmyuk) February 29, 2016

I'll tell you who this #lufc team is missing:


— Mr Geldard (@MrJGeldard) February 29, 2016

Safe journey back Leeds. Best fans this season. Worst team. Fattest manager #bhafc #lufc

— We Are Brighton (@wearebrighton) February 29, 2016

The sad thing is it doesn't even really hurt anymore #lufc

— Ryan Pinnick (@RyanPinnicklufc) February 29, 2016