The best jokes as Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish pictured at scene of road traffic accident after telling fans to stay at home

Had earlier recommended "only leave your house to buy food, buy medicine or to exercise and always remember to stay at least two metres apart".

There were Jack Grealish crash jokes after he apparently went out during lockdown following telling fans to stay at home
(Image: Evangelist2014)

Police are investigating photos that appear to show Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish at the scene of a road traffic accident on Sunday morning.

While the UK was supposed to be in lockdown, there was apparently an incident in which a Range Rover crashed into parked cars in the Dickens Heath area of Solihull, leaving two cars with minor damage.

how's the car looking this morning jack well done for listening to your own advice

— Sam (@0121sam_) March 29, 2020

Images on social media appear to show a damaged white Range Rover and Grealish wearing one black slipper paired with one white slip-on sandal.

The Sun newspaper report that he “was seen arguing with onlookers at 8am yesterday – amid claims he had partied all night at a pal’s flat despite the virus lockdown”.

Crashes his car a day later. Jack Grealish everyone….. https://t.co/96GFFX7vSO pic.twitter.com/MALr73wYOo

— Adam (@Adamlcfc99) March 29, 2020

Just hours earlier, the player had uploaded a video urging his followers to stay safe at home and observe social distancing measures during the coronavirus outbreak.

These were the best jokes as Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish is said to have gone out and been pictured at the scene of an accident after telling fans to stay at home:


Whole country lockdown:

Jack Grealish: pic.twitter.com/269rKUl5H3

— Noah (@noahbaillie) March 29, 2020

just to let you know, Jack Grealish is now home. safe and sound. pic.twitter.com/CHKrljysET

— Andrew (@_A_n_d_r_e_w_s) March 29, 2020

Nah that would be a car crash waiting to happen

— StevenC (@SteC9911) March 29, 2020

There's no way this is Jack Grealish, the car hasn't rolled over 5 times @talkSPORT @TimSpiers @theawayfans pic.twitter.com/pyCQgF71UQ

— Stuart Mole (@southdownswolf) March 30, 2020

The country is in complete lockdown and your not allowed to leave the house

Jack Grealish: pic.twitter.com/iNPvVSA04K

— Adam (@alangston07) March 29, 2020

Don’t be like Jack Grealish #Covid_19 #StayHomeSaveLives pic.twitter.com/kRAdqLhsvP

— Aidan Peaty (@PeatyBcfc) March 30, 2020


Jack Grealish driving home from his mate's house #BCFC #AVFC pic.twitter.com/Mjs5ppqqg1

— Duke (@JukeBCFC) March 29, 2020

Where's Jack Grealish ? pic.twitter.com/ZPgZUjn4hB

— ⬛⬜SWAMPY⬛⬜ (@10Swampmonster) March 30, 2020


Jack Grealish waking up in the morning realizing that his dream move to United has been cancelled cause his part in The Hangover 4 wasnt received well pic.twitter.com/uDmVSjFPjY

— pastor dax (anderson 4 – Slippy G 0) (@DaX_Utd) March 29, 2020

Jack Grealish pops out for groceries. pic.twitter.com/D3ydX7sLcs

— GET A GRIP (@docrussjackson) March 29, 2020


Jack Grealish checking his phone this morning https://t.co/w7ZTVeMAwm

— Niall (@NiallBowes) March 30, 2020

Jack Grealish after getting caught with an ugg slipper and a Nike slider on just after smashing into a few parked cars whilst being rat arsed #StayHome https://t.co/Ivb9pbHWFt

— Dean Blakey-Tew (@Deanobt) March 30, 2020

Jack Grealish spotted driving to the shop for necessary reasons#StayAtHomeChallenge pic.twitter.com/w8Qqtzdn0F

— BenchWarmers (@BeWarmers) March 29, 2020

Apparently after the alleged incident involving Jack Grealish's vehicle running into two cars he fell out of the driver's seat onto the floor and rolled around claiming they had run into him… pic.twitter.com/Kh0zYHzedp

— Tim Powell (@powell_tim) March 30, 2020



I can picture sky sports news saying ‘former Irish youth international #jackgrealish …..’

— Cormac Ó Conaire (@Starie1975) March 30, 2020

he should’ve walked homeeeeee
he should’ve walked homeeeeee
Jack Grealish
He should’ve walked home

— Ethan (@ethanwall75) March 29, 2020

*Transfer Update*

Jack Grealish arrives at Carrington for Man Utd medical: pic.twitter.com/g2HcwDI9VY

— OjeMyGod (@OjeMyGod) March 29, 2020


If @JackGrealish isn’t pissed up in those photos, why the fuck is he wearing odd slippers?

— OldGold80 (@OGold80) March 29, 2020




Jack Grealish | Skills, Goals & Assists | 2019/20 Season Highlights | Future Manchester United Talisman? pic.twitter.com/qGGPTL7LKz

— Merseyside Police #StayHomeSaveLives (@frostyftbl) March 29, 2020

Jack Grealish 5 year challenge, not changed one bit….. pic.twitter.com/mXD7rycFCo

— Steve Plant (@wolvesmatchworn) March 30, 2020

Jack Grealish on his first day in Prison pic.twitter.com/fhqCgKWC0q

— Joe (@JoeBCFC_) March 30, 2020


Jack Grealish loves the Villa so much he’s guaranteed no other club will want to sign him so the club can’t cash in. pic.twitter.com/dJDBOHFPGq

— Sir Bob (@SirBobLichfield) March 30, 2020

Who is going down first Jack Grealish or Aston Villa? pic.twitter.com/3lZTEMGjpV

— Wayne Garnett (@waynesnodin92) March 29, 2020


Well this tweet is ageing like a fine milk

— FWAW (@Wolves_ay_we_18) March 29, 2020