The best jokes as Chelsea exit the Champions League following 1-2 PSG defeat

Knocked out of the Champions League at the last-16 stage by PSG for the second season in a row.

Guus Hiddink will not like to read our selection of the best jokes as Chelsea exit the Champions League following their 1-2 PSG defeat
KNOCKED OUT: Hiddink (Image: Степиньш Ольга/soccer.ru)

These are all the best jokes as Chelsea are knocked out of the Champions League at the last-16 stage by Paris St-Germain for the second season in a row following a 1-2 second-leg defeat at Stamford Bridge.

PSG won the tie on away goals last year but recorded a comprehensive 2-4 aggregate victory this time with the help of goals from Adrien Rabiot and Zlatan Ibrahimović on Wednesday night.

So, as Guus Hiddink’s side exit the Champions League and look unlikely to qualify for the next season’s competition, these are the best jokes following Chelsea 1-2 PSG:

Who's to blame for Chelsea's exit? pic.twitter.com/jpoWpcr8YJ

— JOE.co.uk (@JOE_co_uk) March 9, 2016

PSG dumping Chelsea outta the UCL H & A like.. pic.twitter.com/xpzoTkpgKN

— Olumide Babs (@Olu_Babz) March 9, 2016

Everyone on my tl at chelsea pic.twitter.com/RLqR2P49Ko

— Ada (@BrowsofXavi) March 9, 2016

What is the scores between Chelsea vs PSG, I 1-2 Know.

— Prof Attahiru Jega (@AttahiruJega_) March 9, 2016

I just 1-2 pray for God to grant Chelsea the 4-2tude to bear this loss.

— Plangkat Miller-Ham (@peekaymila) March 9, 2016

Chelsea fans wondering when next they'll be in the UCL pic.twitter.com/mCZMfyv2z0

— K'obi (@Mhagayr) March 9, 2016

PSG scoring Chelsea like testing a mic 1-2 1-2

— DarlingBoy (@kwameAC) March 9, 2016

Chelsea pic.twitter.com/NivZYqxLGq

— Ajiaco (@Ajiacopollo) March 9, 2016

When you realise you've got no history. #CFC #Chelsea https://t.co/QcP1BHaS6n

— Billy Liddell (@Liddellpool) March 9, 2016

Zlatan's nose is longer than Chelsea's history. #ZlatanFacts

— Zlatan Facts (@ZIatanFacts) March 9, 2016

A Chelsea ball boy ran onto the field to hug his hero Zlatan.???? https://t.co/ReDf2hW8t1

— FootballFacts101 (@FootballFact101) March 9, 2016

chelsea's season pic.twitter.com/qZlxhpWSJb

— cesar azpilicueta (@frxnkieturner) March 9, 2016

Chelsea will qualify for Champions league next season 😂😂 pic.twitter.com/5jxoBv7Spc

— Danny Welbeck (@WelBeast) March 9, 2016

Bein: "David, it must be weird for you coming back here and knocking Chelsea out?"

Luiz: "it was weird last year but now I'm used to it"


— Keep the faith. #AFC (@_The12thMan) March 9, 2016

After careful consideration i have come to the conclusion that chelsea football club do not match my ambitions nor my winning mentality 1/2

— JusticeForJuan (@JuanMata8i) March 9, 2016

At least we know where Chelsea stand with Brexit…

— Dean Ammi (@footywriterdean) March 9, 2016

Chelsea trying to get into the quarter finals ….. pic.twitter.com/tFvsTYXxtg

— BBC SPORT (@BBCSPERT) March 9, 2016

Chelsea tried to board the train to the Quarter Finals, but PSG wouldn't allow them on.

— Oldfirmfacts (@Oldfirmfacts1) March 9, 2016

Bye Chelsea. Good riddance. pic.twitter.com/lnDvN4tZeD

— 1886 (@1886_blog) March 9, 2016

The next time Chelsea play Champions League football, Adam Johnson will have eaten over 600 bowls of porridge.

— BBC SPORT (@BBCSPERT) March 9, 2016

Pato walks out of the ground after another great contribution for chelsea #Cfc pic.twitter.com/rv0bIx297w

— Simon Johnson (@sjstandardsport) March 9, 2016

At least Chelsea's midfield was torn apart by a man of great sophistication. pic.twitter.com/36drMytf2Q

— ?? is a Country (@FutbolsaCountry) March 9, 2016

The Railway Children are waving goodbye to Chelsea in Europe. pic.twitter.com/OEitRmyXJ7

— Danny Baker (@prodnose) March 9, 2016