The best Juan Mata sent off jokes after 26th minute red card against WBA

Baby-faced midfielder received two bookings inside three minutes.

There were loads of Juan Mata sent off jokes after his 26th minute red card in Man Utd's 1-0 defeat at West Brom
LOOKING AT A ONE MATCH BAN: Juan Mata (Image: Warrenfish)

This is a selection of the best Juan Mata sent off jokes as the Manchester United midfielder receives two yellow cards in quick succession with over an hour left to play of their 1-0 defeat to West Brom.

The baby-faced Spain international was ordered from the pitch by referee Mike Dean at The Hawthorns on Sunday after his prevention of a free-kick from being taken was followed by a very late tackle from behind less than three minutes later.

After his first ever red card came midway through the first half of West Brom 1-0 Manchester United and manager Louis van Gaal claims the officials should have taken the player’s character into account, these are the best of the Mata sent off jokes:

Juan Mata clearly has a Mother's Day lunch to get to. Sweet lad

— Dream Team (@dreamteamfc) 6 March 2016

You can't send off Juan Mata he's such a nice guy, look what Van Gaals done to him made him a thug!

— L3ahpar (@l3ahpar) 6 March 2016

I've seen lazy challenges, dumb challenges, and dirty challenges. I've never before seen a challenge that maxed out all three.

Juan Mata.

— Michael Caley (@MC_of_A) 6 March 2016

At least Mata’s blog might be a bit lively this week. Think of the blog!

— Liam (@OffsideLiam) 6 March 2016

Juan Mata's tackling is as bad as his bowling… pic.twitter.com/NFY0bQdZJa

— JOE.co.uk (@JOE_co_uk) 6 March 2016

Mata blog title: One Hour Early

— United (@VintageMUFC) 6 March 2016

I don't want to live in a world where Juan Mata gets red cards.

— Jack Boorman (@UnitedHeaven_) 6 March 2016

Mata's game summed up in a vine:https://t.co/UxaGvOeiSp

— Coral (@Coral) 6 March 2016

Hopefully Mata is suspended from writing his blog tomorrow

— James (@writtenoff_mufc) 6 March 2016

Forget Van Gaal, look at James Weir. He's torturing Mata in his mind. pic.twitter.com/FyfmeNu1D1

— Mr.Darkside ® (@unitedforlife1) 6 March 2016

I think Mata must have put someone else's head on this morning.

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) 6 March 2016

Mata's girlfriend: Baby, I'm horny.
Mata: I'm playing a match
Mata's girlfriend: I'm home alone…

Mata: 24' Yellow Card
Mata: 27' Red Card

— Carrick Role (@CarrickRole) 6 March 2016

I wouldn't have sent Mata off Alex…. pic.twitter.com/Y48G5cFCNY

— KopAce (@KopAce74) 6 March 2016

This picture will be admitted as evidence in the trial of Mata's murder. pic.twitter.com/HABAAeQ5OZ

— meshell? (@Michel961) 6 March 2016

Juan Mata got a red card in the Premier League before Diego Costa pic.twitter.com/bF3eIaLhte

— TweetChelsea (@TweetChelseaCF) 6 March 2016

I reckon Tomorrow's blog from Mata will be like reading Watership Down.

— Ste A. (@sarm0161) 6 March 2016

Do #ExGreatClub fans care about today's defeat?
Surely it doesn't actually Mata, not like u've got anything to play for in the league right?

— Moh Haider (@ArsenalMoh8) 6 March 2016

"Referee should have taken Mata's character into consideration"……..it's a game of football not a bloody court case 😂

— Nat Mansell (@NatMansell) 6 March 2016

What's the mata pic.twitter.com/jfY0FzYUx4

— West Bromwich Albion (@stuwba68) 6 March 2016

@BeardedGenius never thought a day would come where Mata and Ted Bundy would be compared. Unbelievable.

— josef (@JosefIKTA) 6 March 2016