Paul Gartler squirts water bottle on Taxiarchis Fountas's crotch during Rapid Wien 3-0 LASK
(Image: Twitter/Phillip Lautischer)

VIDEO: Rapid Vienna player squirts water bottle on teammate’s crotch

High jinks in dugout.



Rapid Vienna goalkeeper Paul Gartler squirted a water bottle on the crotch of teammate Taxiarchis Fountas in the dugout during Saturday’s 3-0 win over LASK.

Fountas opened the scoring in the Austrian Bundesliga playoff match at the Allianz Stadion, but he wound up the subject of a prank after he was substituted.


He says something to Gartler, who then grins and casually tips the liquid over the forward’s shorts, leading to a play fight as the action continued.

Fountas then sits back surveys the damage while Gartler points and laughs at him, while on the pitch Christoph Knasmüllner’s late double wrapped up victory.