The best John Terry crying jokes after tears in Champions League semi-final

The best John Terry crying jokes and memes after tears as Chelsea were knocked out of the Champions League by Atlético Madrid.

John Terry crying jokes from the Champions League semi-final v Atlético Madrid after this face
CRYING: Terry (Image: Twitter/R_o_M)

The best of the John Terry crying jokes and memes from Twitter after a disappointing night for the Chelsea captain who was powerless to prevent his team being knocked out of the Champions League by Atlético Madrid.


Stamford Bridge was a scene of sorrow on Wednesday night as the tearful England international exited the field following a 1-3 loss to the Spanish side.

Not to miss an opportunity, the internet was quick to react. Our favourite John Terry crying jokes are below.

The Steven Gerrard slip and John Terry in tears, best week of football since Liverpool lost to a goal deflected by a beach ball

— Andy (@andyyy_1) April 30, 2014

Señor Terry, why your face leak? pic.twitter.com/aNoDYWRsll

— Talking THFC™ (@TalkingTHFC) April 30, 2014

Atletico players comforting John Terry. They'll get the shock of their lives when he turns up at their trophy lift celebration! #UCL

— Gerry McCulloch (@gerrymcculloch1) April 30, 2014

People slag off Sky, saying they've ruined football, but how many times have they brought us John Terry crying in HD? Keep up the great work

— Mozferatu (@may26th1999) April 30, 2014

Mourinho said beforehand that the CL owed John Terry something .. Not sure another boot in the baws was what he had in mind!

— Richard Gordon (@RichardGordon48) April 30, 2014

My epic John Terry photo pic.twitter.com/uzwu2jaiG1

— The Aspas (@LFCfanchat) April 30, 2014

More John Terry tears – another marketing opportunity for Hasbro. pic.twitter.com/IIOZYaYcEW

— Bet-Like-A-Pro.com (@BetLikeAPro) April 30, 2014

John Terry was crying?! Delicious. pic.twitter.com/0S27Als20R

— Daley (@DaleyAFC) April 30, 2014

John Terry heat map from tonight. pic.twitter.com/YTQV5XTuIO

— (via @JonnyGabriel) (@JonnyGabriel) April 30, 2014

He's done it again, he's done it again, John Terry, he's done it again. pic.twitter.com/Nl7502rfJM

— Scott (@R_o_M) April 30, 2014