The best Joe Kinnear jokes after TalkSport interview

One of the best Joe Kinnear jokes after TalkSport interview
Relax, it’s… Only Pardew and Kinnear (Image: Twitter/biggsdarklighta)

We’ve all heard the now infamous TalkSport interview – make of it what you will! It’s now inevitably time for even more Joe Kinnear jokes.

The former Newcastle manager is back at the club as the new Director of Football, an appointment that has plunged English football into disarray.

His appearance on the TalkSport radio station on Monday night did little to allay fears that the new management structure at Newcastle United could have a negative impact.

In fact, the TalkSport interview was the cause of more ridicule.

Check out the best Joe Kinnear jokes below:

Joe Kinnear confirmed as NUFC director of football. Kebabs all round!

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) June 18, 2013

Joe Kinnear 'Oi who the Fack is Neul Armstrong I was there first.' #nufc pic.twitter.com/ibJtTJdohC

— Dan'Ratty'Ratcliffe (@Ratcliffe1981) June 18, 2013

Kinnear, Si Si and Yohan Kebab! Courtesy of @special_shteff #nufc pic.twitter.com/zfidwhNTvQ

— NUFC Rumours (@NUFCrumours) June 18, 2013

I know the reaction to Kinnear's new role was bad, but this is pretty strong pic.twitter.com/pDxR6yJmtx

— Richard Mason (@MasonEcho) June 18, 2013

Newcastle will line up like this with Joe Kinnear in charge! #safc #ftm pic.twitter.com/54Kffk4l8e

— Kingy (@Kingy78_) June 18, 2013

Joe Kinnear. Spurs player and part time Oompa Loompa… #NUFC pic.twitter.com/1a6XMyF88n

— D W (@SirDanWilson) June 18, 2013

"I can open the door to any manager in the world, anyone" -Joe Kinnear pic.twitter.com/ZVgRqmpfRk

— Andy Currie (@AndyRobCurrie) June 18, 2013

Hahahaha You'll only get this if you've heard the Kinnear interview. pic.twitter.com/TeM8OzPb5i

— Laura (@Laura_Liverbird) June 18, 2013

@stevewraith @mickquinn1089 Joe kinnear getting a telling off from lambazzy #nufc pic.twitter.com/6OxUl999eW

— Chris grievaaa (@chrisgreva) June 18, 2013

Pardew and Joke Kinnear finally met this afternoon #nufc #nufc4eva pic.twitter.com/NAUDieDAMs

— Big Al NUFC (@biggsdarklighta) June 18, 2013

Yep wor Joseph Kinnear is telling the truth here. #nufc pic.twitter.com/RY29vFd4EI

— Dan'Ratty'Ratcliffe (@Ratcliffe1981) June 18, 2013

Picture Exclusive: Joe Kinnear's reaction after being asked his thoughts on #Wonga #NUFC #FTM pic.twitter.com/bhqqRkSTn3

— Teknofish (@Teknofish) June 18, 2013

Joe Kinnear announces his #MayoGAA team to play in the Connacht final on July 21st #GAA #JoeKinnear #NUFC pic.twitter.com/DdZVtcieLY

— Seamus Conwell (@SeamusConwell) June 18, 2013

Say what you want about Joe Kinnear, but Chris Perry always looked delighted to be playing for him at Wimbledon. pic.twitter.com/bnRzM9StnF

— 90s Footballers (@90sFootballers) June 18, 2013

Joe Kinnear, DIRECTOR OF FOOTBALL, takes his seat for his latest scouting mission. pic.twitter.com/fTpKmgw2tk

— McMoomins (@Danny_McMoomins) June 18, 2013

Alan Pardew's Response to Kinnear as DoF @nufcfans (stepbrothers) #nufc pic.twitter.com/80DmOqE4FM

— GALLOWGATESHOTS (@gallowgateshots) June 18, 2013

SPOTTED: Joe Kinnear meets up with key players 'Hatem Ben Affri' and 'Yohan Kebab' for the first time. pic.twitter.com/Oehd3rghDh

— Ladbrokes (@Ladbrokes) June 18, 2013

kinnear is always right.. HE IS ALWAYS RIGHT! pic.twitter.com/rJ4wTaLyTi

— l'IndoToonArmy (@IndoToonArmy) June 18, 2013

Joe Kinnear's Starting Newcastle XI pic.twitter.com/ZjHkzGzi6H

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) June 18, 2013

It had to be done really… Please RT. Suggestions for his hits welcome. #NUFC #YohanKebab #Lambeezy #kinnear pic.twitter.com/tZAD0qtW8T

— AnthMoore (@AnthMoore) June 18, 2013

Oh dear #Kinnear..Yohan Kebab..really? pic.twitter.com/P78fD8gsuV

— Copa90 (@Copa90) June 18, 2013

Joe kinnear signs messi for #nufc haha pic.twitter.com/wjXcxFogBG

— Dave (@davey33safc) June 18, 2013

Joe Kinnear live in the Sky Sports News studio right now. pic.twitter.com/DhYkqZJJXy

— Andy Dawson (@profanityswan) June 18, 2013

Joe Kinnear's local. The reason for his Yohan Kebab slip up. pic.twitter.com/1fq1nrer1c

— Ladbrokes (@Ladbrokes) June 18, 2013

@nufcfans I heard #ColosParty was actually Kinnear's idea. #KinnearLies pic.twitter.com/vjyYaJylUF

— Dani Ma (@ToonDani) June 17, 2013

Ha, now Joe Kinnear is claiming to have hung out with Engelbert Humperdinck! Oh… pic.twitter.com/sJfx3MUlSH

— James Maw (@JamesMawFFT) June 17, 2013

Exclusive image of joe kinnear on the dog & bone to @talkSPORT #nufc pic.twitter.com/EyYAKmA39e

— Craig Allan (@1CraigAllan) June 17, 2013

Their chant is Yohan, Yohan Cabaye everyone knows his name (except Kinnear, DoF) #Cabab pic.twitter.com/khrrTWZImU

— Seventy3' Magazine (@Seventy3Fanzine) June 17, 2013

Joe Kinnear appointed at Newcastle pic.twitter.com/1qGtyElgKN

— smoggygirl New (@smoggygirlNew) June 17, 2013

Alan Pardew and Joe Kinnear meet up for the first time at Sid James Park / Wongadome. Haha! #safc #nufc http://t.co/PpOF5uwtvG

— Gary Hayman (@haymansafc) June 17, 2013

#nufc players react to Joe Kinnear being appointed as Director of Football pic.twitter.com/1fBeuYbKCQ

— NUFC Banter (@NUFC_banter) June 17, 2013

Kinnear back at St James Park. May as well be….@BBCSporf pic.twitter.com/eE9rBxJpZy

— Sidney Abbott (@sidneyabbot) June 17, 2013

Mike Ashley spotted a few minutes before appointing Joe Kinnear as Newcastle United's director of football….#NUFC pic.twitter.com/CPQnocZhnB

— LiveFootball (@livefootball) June 17, 2013

Picture of the bloke behind @NUFCOfficial writing the statement on Kinnear trying to make it sound like good news! pic.twitter.com/UDtTnx4OYR

— Thomas (@Thomas91nufc) June 16, 2013

RT @theNUFCpage: Pards and Kinnear's first press conference pic.twitter.com/O9U96hRZXl

— ken holland (@northcountryken) June 16, 2013

BREAKING NEWS At their 1st press conference Pardew & Kinnear give their answers on transfer policies #nufc pic.twitter.com/FSth8qnqlw

— David foster (@Dfozzy1970) June 16, 2013

Kinnear already on phone trying to get players in.#nufc #nffc pic.twitter.com/8byAiIAAB7

— Andrea Silenzi (@topcatffs) June 16, 2013

In preparation of Pardew’s resignation, Ashley and Llambias prepare a list of managers willing to work under Kinnear pic.twitter.com/yIM0SkGNiP

— Texas Toon (@Texas_Toon) June 16, 2013

After the Joe Kinnear announcement …Alan Pardew has revealed the new additions to his backroom staff…… pic.twitter.com/8PjgvuASpR

— Roy Meadows (@mackemroyster) June 16, 2013

I agree with Kinnear. Newcastle definitely have the best fans. Here's one here. Black and White through and through! pic.twitter.com/BqsYQwtzfm

— tim bolton (@timbolton1) June 16, 2013

Newcastle fans are already accepting the new appointment of Joe Kinnear… #NUFC pic.twitter.com/fdH5O3DiiW

— Peter (@Pietros1) June 16, 2013

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