Cracovia surround ball in friendly game against JKH GKS Jastrzębie
(Image: MKS CracoviaTV)

VIDEO: Polish side Cracovia try to surround ball and walk it towards goal

Jovial scenes in friendly match during winter break.


Polish side Cracovia attempted to surround the ball with players and gradually move it towards goal in a friendly match organised shortly after New Year.

Poland’s oldest football club are currently enjoying a winter break from the 2018–19 Ekstraklasa.

A game with a testimonial feel was organised against JKH GKS Jastrzębie at the Cracovia Stadium in Kraków earlier this month.

After 23-year-old Filip Piszczek’s goal, the team disappeared down the tunnel, only to soon reappear on a car driven onto the pitch.


But the highlight of the 90 minutes was an effort at dribbling the ball in the direction of goal while protecting it by standing in a circle around it.

Cracovia’s ruse was soon rumbled though, and the opposition players were able to snatch the ball from them.