The best Joe Kinnear jokes after Newcastle Director of Football appointment

Joe Kinnear, the subject of Joe Kinnear jokes after Newcastle Director of Football appointment
Kinnear… Director of Football jokes (Image: Mattythewhite)

Newcastle United fans have been left in shock after the announcement that Joe Kinnear will be returning to the club as Director of Football.

Working alongside manager Alan Pardew, it’s not quite clear exactly what role he’ll play but is likely to have considerable influence over transfer policy.

Whatever happens, it’s sure to be a bumpy and humorous ride on the Mike Ashley-controlled Newcastle roller-coaster.

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Geordie fans have been reacting to the unexpected news on Twitter and we have the best Joe Kinnear jokes for you right here:

There are many interesting appointments already this summer, but few more surreal than Newcastle's new director of football, Joe Kinnear.

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) June 16, 2013

Newcastle – aka La Bande Folle (that's Crazy Gang in French) – are 14/1 to get relegated next season #kinnear

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) June 16, 2013

If Joe Kinnear is the answer, what is the question? #Kinnear

— Elliot Hulland-Kemp (@MAN_CALLED_EHK) June 16, 2013

As my dear papa used to say: You can't say "Joe Kinnear" without saying "joke". #Kinnear #Newcastle

— Pascal The Farmer (@PascalTheFarmer) June 16, 2013

Well that has ruined our chances of re-signing Charles Nzogbia…. #nufc #kinnear

— Adam Robinson-Miller (@ARM1988) June 16, 2013

Charles insomnia #kinnear

— Phil Jackson (@philjackson86) June 16, 2013

What does Joe #Kinnear have on Mike Ashley for him to keep giving him jobs? #cantsayjoekinnearwithoutsayingjoke

— Ben Lennon (@benlennon7) June 16, 2013

He's not picking the team, he's just there to make sure the best possible team is in the pitch? #nufc #kinnear pic.twitter.com/2R0YXkZNAr

— Paul Morgan (@paulm1980) June 16, 2013

Newcastle – It's all about suave, tanned, thoughtful leaders these days. Not chubby, ageing simpletons who won't speak to the press #Kinnear

— Paul Vale (@PaulVale) June 16, 2013

Bloke on BBC News just said "Joe Hart claims to be new DoF at NUFC". Obvious error but one Geordies would prefer to #Kinnear

— Cam (@camashton) June 17, 2013

Somewhere in the world, a nervous John Fashanu is waiting by the phone, muttering 'i can still do a job gaffer…' #Kinnear #SAFC #NUFC

— Adam King (@AdamK_82) June 16, 2013

@TinTin_Official fash is signing tomorrow and vinnie jones has been seen in Newcastle airport #kinnear #letslaughatnufc

— Steve Goodings (@stevegood73) June 17, 2013

@scottphippsy can't believe he was overlooked by #cfc and #mcfc #kinnear

— c (@Phippsy71) June 16, 2013

"If he has questions, he'll ask and I'll answer them" Good lord – blind leading the blind here #Kinnear #Pardew #NUFC

— Tom (@NUFCtomw362) June 17, 2013

25 likes on @instagram. For #Kinnear…You 25 make yourselves known and hang your heads in Shame #NUFC pic.twitter.com/SRxRtuudp0

— Steph (@StephClark6) June 16, 2013

Huge amount of defibrillators delivered to SJP. Must be true. #Kinnear. #NUFC

— Thomas (@Thomas91nufc) June 16, 2013

The thousand yard stare… #Kinnear #nufc pic.twitter.com/ayuZVzLieh

— Daz Blackburn (@DazB27NUFC) June 16, 2013

But will it get as many YouTube views as Stalking Cat? #kinnear pic.twitter.com/uiLFErIONr

— ReturnOfBeale (@ReturnOfBeale) June 16, 2013

I see #Wimbledon is trending… Joe #Kinnear's legacy goes a long way back

— DamoRed (@DamoRed1) June 16, 2013

Sales of bed sheets in Newcastle go through the roof #cockneymafia #kinnear

— Tone (@Hudsonsafc) June 16, 2013

I suppose this needs another outing today http://t.co/kKt1hoTfbX #kinnear #Newcastle

— Tim Lovejoy (@timlovejoy) June 16, 2013

Director of football??? More like director of Cornish pasties, frankfurters and minced beef pies??? #kinnear

— CardioBoy MD (@IamSpurs) June 17, 2013

Being told that sole reason #kinnear was brought in by Ashley was to stop Pardew buying French players #nufc #itk #transfers #Sacrebleu

— Ivan The Know (@IvanTheKnow) June 17, 2013

"Which one of you is Simon Bird?" #kinnear

— Michael (@mcwd) June 16, 2013

I don't even think Alan Pardew thinks Alan Pardew was a ' Hell of a player ' . He's actually mad #NUFC #Kinnear

— Jack (@jackm1892) June 17, 2013

When you escape relegation with just a week of the season left, who better to turn to than he who all but took you down last time? #Kinnear

— John Brewin (@JohnBrewinESPN) June 16, 2013

#Newcastle offer Joe #Kinnear three-year deal as Director of Football! pic.twitter.com/9UB8ACOT5o

— Ian Deslow (@ian_deslow) June 16, 2013

The sadistic side of me would love to see another Joe Kinnear love-in with the local press! Here's his last one #nufc http://t.co/gNl8eEbx9N

— Matt Harrison (@MattyHarrison83) June 16, 2013

#kinnear was class in willy wonka

— Lee McA (@harbourlad71) June 17, 2013

Has anyone @SkySportsNews actually verified it was #kinnear they spoke to yesterday? #nufc #jfk

— Nicola Wintrip (@NicolaWintrip) June 17, 2013

@NUFCOfficial why no word from the club on the #Kinnear appointment? Has he got the wrong end of the stick? Fingers crossed..

— Andrew Gardiner (@Andog21) June 17, 2013

Still no official statement from @NUFCOfficial, be hilarious if #Kinnear had pulled an #Odemwingie @paddypower

— Richard Saints (@dicksaints) June 16, 2013

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